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At last, justice prevails!

  • Mon, December 15, 2014 8:44 AM
    Message # 3170372

    I was riding down the shoulder of Route 6 on Saturday.  I was coming off of the hill so I was still moving pretty fast, maybe 20-25 MPH.  I noticed a FedEx truck approaching the stop sign on Valley Road from the right.  I was keeping an eye on this truck because he seemed impatient and because it was a delivery truck.  Sure enough, the truck blew through the stop sign at 15-20 MPH.  Fortunately, I was watching and could hit the brakes and slow down enough to avoid a collision.  I yelled (no obscenities surprisingly) and pointed.  The driver blew his horn at me because I’m sure from his perspective it was my fault that he ran the stop sign.

    After this friendly exchange, I looked up and saw a white car approaching from the opposite direction.  Then I noticed the white car had flashing roof lights.  Sure enough, it was a Charles County sheriff’s deputy.  He pulled the FedEx van over.  I hope he gave him a ticket and not just a warning!

    In over 40 years of riding, I have never had the police witness the type reckless behavior we cyclists experience on a regular basis, but finally justice prevails!

  • Mon, March 30, 2015 5:49 PM
    Reply # 3275004 on 3170372

    One up for the cyclists!  Too bad we did not get FEDEX license plate to report to the company 

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