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  • Sun, April 30, 2017 10:30 AM | Pano Gianniotis

    I was joined by members Lou Dallorso, Samson Samson, Chris Zabriskie and Alan Kurzweil to what turned out to be a great ride. At around mile 10 Alan took a shortcut (ended up with a 35 mile ride from a note he left on my car at the Firehouse) and at around mile 16 Chris took off for home as he had to be home by 1:00pm due to a scheduled family event (Chris rode to the ride start from his home at Port Tobacco). Lou, Samson and myself continued on keeping a very tight formation and finishing at an AMS of 16.4 mph. No mishaps other than the lead missing the sharp right on Sandy Point after Greenleek and then the group retract back to Sandy Point and back on course.

    Yesterday afternoon when I posted the ride the weather man forecasted a steady 74 deg at Nanjemoy for the better part of the ride. Sunday morning at the Firehouse we found 81 deg and later on a peak of 88 deg. Definitely the warmest for me this year. Thankfully, the greater part of the ride is under the tree canopy of Nanjemoy so the heat was not really felt until after leaving the rest stop at Ironsides.

  • Sat, April 29, 2017 9:30 AM | Calvin Conyers (Administrator)

    Ride Leader: Calvin Conyers

    Riders: Leslie Douglas Harding, Rodney Palmer, Rodney Barnes, Reggie Stokes, Micheal Wills (guest)

    Mishaps: None

    Report: This ride was added to the schedule late Friday since it was not sure many riders would be available while the Ride to End Hunger was under way.  Nonetheless, it was pleasing to have this group show up ready to go.  Based on the abilities of the riders, unanimous decision was made to exit the trail to get in a little climbing and a few additional miles.  The group decision was to accent the back end of Bumpy Oak enroute to Ollies Store and the Pisgua Store designated rest stops.  Speaking of rest stops, because of the rising heat in the second half of the ride, additional "as needed" stops were taken at a number of shaded intersections and benches along the trail, careful to hydrate as often as possible.  It was getting a bit hot.

    We had a very lively, considerate group of riders that stayed together or waited at every turn.  All rode strong and had a great time.  As Mia usually points out, it's early in the year, so let's start riding.  Come on out.

  • Sat, April 29, 2017 7:30 AM | Scott Walker

    Class: AA/3
    : Training
    :  Century-Team ride on the Bike to End Hunger in Calvert County
    Speed Limit Imposed: 22mph on the flats
    : Oxon Hill Yellow Jersey
    Start Time & Location: 7:30am Chesapeake Church, Huntingtown, Md.

    The Course

    Location: Calvert County
    Distance: 62 mi
    : 2296ft
    Rest Stops
    : Three (excellent food & fluids provided by the End Hunger team)!
    Max Grade
    : 9.4%

    The Ride

    Riders: Seven –Blake Altman, Brad Francisco, Steve Koegle, Jill Patterson, George Valenzuela, Pete Czapiewski, Scott Walker
    : Overcast and 70 degrees at the start w/wet roads.  Clearing to sunny skies at 85 degrees (and dry roads).  Winds from the South at 9mph
    19.2 mph
    Mishaps & Mechanicals: None
    : A wonderful ride with beautiful weather, all for a great cause.  A good, tough line turned out for this Century-Team ride with Jill, Brad, and Steve the proven strong.  Brad pulled for long periods (sometime 30 minutes or more).  Jill too was exceptionally strong at the pull especially as we turned back south into the wind.  She also demonstrated controlled-power and finesse as she bridged the line back together on several occasions.  Lots of smiles, terrific food, and a fantastic day of riding!

  • Fri, April 28, 2017 10:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

    Leader:  Ron Altemus

    Members:  John Riconda, Randy Schoch, Lester Jackson, Susan Altemus, Walt Roscello, Belinda Acre, Michael Dong, Darryl Lowery

    Route:  IHRT - Indian Head Village Green to White Plains trail head and return.

    Weather:  A nice warm sunny day - blue skies, plenty of sunshine, temps from upper 70s to low 80s, some breeze but not enough to even worry which direction it was blowing from.

    Report:  A surprisingly large turnout given that while we were the only ride in town (Indian Head, that is) we weren't the only Friday ride on the schedule.  Walt, Michael, and Darryl all rode from home and then peeled off at various points on the return, getting extra miles probably capped by the 60 or so Darryl put in for the day.  There were several groups of riders - fast paced, not so fast paced, and just enjoying the day pace.  While a few turned back early at the Hudnall Bench, the rest of us had a leisurely respite at White Plains before making the return trip, again at varying levels of intensity.

    The trail was well used as we saw lots of other riders, plenty of walkers, and some wildlife:  reptiles represented by turtles, lizards, and snakes; squirrels; birds; and, as a sure sign that warmer weather is quickly approaching, lots of airborne insects, a few of which were inadvertently ingested (but hey, they say insects are the next big source of protein!). 

    As observed by the other ride's correspondent, "A thoroughly enjoyable ride on a beautiful day.  What a wonderful sport this is!"

  • Fri, April 28, 2017 10:00 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Pat Walthers, Sarah Clement, Norm Lisy, Ken Williams, Dan Stoltz

    Guests: Bob Evans (yes, really, but not that Bob Evans)

    Weather: a lovely summer day: sunny, breezy, 70s at the start rising to the 80s.  Let's hope it's good preparation for tomorrow (why of course we need 90 degree temperatures and high humidity when we're doing the first 63 mile ride of the season).

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/7003225  34 miles, 1239' of elevation gain.  This is a route we've done before, modified because of the closure of the Four Mile Run Trail to incorporate a new route on Old Dominion Blvd through Alexandria back to Jones Point Park.

    Mishaps & mechanicals: As we left Jones Point Park, I got the poke in the finger that tells bar end shifter users their rear shifter cable has started to fray (don't you wish STI gave a similar warning?) so I began conserving rear shifts, switching to near-exclusive use of the front derailleur.  That worked fine for most of the ride, although of course not in the Arboretum.  Bob Evans turned back when we reached Four Mile Run because of severe pollen allergies, shortly after Dan Stoltz joined us at the Sailing Marina.  When we got to Union Market, Ken discovered his back tire was going flat.  He thought he could fix it by adding a little air, but of course that never works; a tube change revealed a glass puncture.

    AMS: 10 mph

    Aside from a detour around a big crane near the Torpedo Factory, the trip into the District was uneventful.  That changed when we got to Union Market.  As Ken worked on his flat tire, we comversed with a pair of German au pairs: about the "wall with hearts" they were trying to find (around the corner, it seems) and about German TV shows being shown in the US.  Everyone enjoyed Union Market, and some in the group had not seen it before. 

    Events continued as we reached the intersection of West Virginia Ave and Mount Olivet.  Perhaps the police in attendance decided it was such a nice day they should try to please everyone, and so the lights were green in all directions.  As you would expect, that didn't work so well.  Moments later, who knows why (that'll teach you?) they went red in all directions.  We took the opportunity to cross, only to discover that the street ahead was closed due to pavement patching.  We rode around it, taking care to avoid the high pressure hose they were using on a piece of construction equipment.

    We had a nice break at the Arboretum gift shop, then took the detour around closed Azalea Drive (the eagles) and then rode up Hickey Hill and down Conifer and although we missed the planned route, somehow ended up at the Capitol Columns anyway.  After some phototaking, we rode back down the hill and stopped at the Bonsai exhibit.  The construction is finally done there, and there are picnic tables and benches all around the site.  There was even a coffee vendor.

    On the way back, we stopped for a lunch break at Eastern Market.  

    On the way back through Alexandria, riders who had ridden to the start of the ride began to drop off and head home on their own.  By the time we got to Royal St in Old Town facing the Wilkes St tunnel, there were only three of us.  Ken and Pat went right on Royal and I went left, heading for Wheel Nutz to get that shifter cable replaced.

    A thoroughly enjoyable ride on a beautiful day.  What a wonderful sport this is!

  • Thu, April 27, 2017 10:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Joan Oppel, Ken Williams

    Guests: John Komoroske, Stephanie Willing, Jonathan Oliver

    Weather: It's official: the advance team for Summer is here.  70 at the start, over 80 by 2 pm on a bright but overcast, breezy day.  Summer try-outs begin tomorrow, extend through the weekend.

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/17210875  39.6 miles, 1846' of elevation gain.  After a bit of exploration of Marlton down Woodstock and back up Old Colony, this one goes down Trumps Hill to the Osborne shopping center, where we stopped at the Safeway.  The route continues on South Osborne to William Beanes, then south on Croom Station to Croom and down Mt Calvert and Duvall to Croom Airport and a second rest stop at the Patuxent River Park pavilion.  After the second break the route goes down St Thomas Church and Fenno to Nottingham, Candy Hill, Molly Berry and North Keys back to the Park.

    Mishaps & mechanicals: none for the CC group.

    AMS: 13.2

    The AB group left the Safeway shortly after we arrived.  The trip around South Osborne was slowed by a very long wait at road construction that intially stacked traffic up behind us, but eventually gave us a a clear road to Wm Beanes.  Billy Beanes was rough but devoid of traffic.  We caught up with the AB group at the Patuxent River Park pavilion.  Their departure was delayed by a crash going around the barrier leaving the park, so the two groups were somewhat merged together on the climb up Croom Airport.  The rest of the ride was uneventful, but fun nonetheless.

  • Thu, April 27, 2017 10:30 AM | Michael Saizan

    Ride Leader:  Mike Saizan

    Members:  (15) Larry Peed, Regina Saizan, Bob Howell, Alan Kurzweil, Chris Fairhall, Linda Bankerd, Barb & Ron Haney, Darrell Meyer, Jan Tucker, Sam Perry, Holly Carr, Chantal Briere, Bob Thompson, Lou Dall’Orso

    Guest:  none

    Weather: Great day for biking – sunny with temps up to low 80s.

    Route: From North Keys Park to the Safeway in Upper Marlboro via the Marlton subdivision. Next we traveled the side roads off of Croom Rd to the 2nd rest stop at the Patuxent River Park Pavilion.

    Ride Report: Today there was a fairly compatible group of riders ranging from A/B+’s to moderate B’s.  As usual, for the 1st leg, the faster groups pulled out ahead with a trailing group of 5 not too far behind.  During the 2nd leg from the Safeway, the group dynamics shifted somewhat during the route but I could keep tabs on a number of riders from the sweep position.  On the 3rd leg from Patuxent Park, a few B riders and the ride leader were somewhat delayed out of the gate (see below) and ended up cross pollinating with some members of the CC group during the route back to North Keys.

    Mishaps: The gate to the Patuxent Park Pavilion was closed so riders had to take an off road dirt path around the gate.  The paved road was about 2 inches higher than the dirt path.  On exit from rest stop one rider attempted to ride (instead of walking) around the gate and was tripped up by the uneven roadway.  A skinned arm and a bruised leg was the result but otherwise he was OK and finished the ride.

    Credits: Thanks to Steve Palincsar for designing the route.

  • Wed, April 26, 2017 5:30 PM | Scott Walker

    “For the love of the people and the ride” - Michael Blaine
    • Benny Budd and Joni King
    • Paul Bales/Casey Jones Restaurant
    • Robert Golding (Oct 12, 2016 – 59:48, 25.2 mph)
    • Jill Patterson (Apr 12, 2017 – 1:07:30, 22.3 mph)
    Honors • R.Golding • D.Hearn • M.Biffel • D.Kemp • D.Hoefert • A.Harris • M.Blaine • J.Patterson • C.Chiamulera

    Class: AA/3
    : Express
    :  Hammerfest
    Speed Limit Imposed: None
    : CJE kits always welcome
    Start Time & Location: 5:30 pm, Casey Jones Restaurant, La Plata, MD

    The Course

    Location: Charles County
    Distance: 25.8mi (TT segment is 25.1mi and used for CJE records and PRs)
    : 701ft
    Rest Stops
    : None
    Max Grade
    : 5.1%

    The Ride

    Riders: Eleven – Michael Blaine, Blake Altman, Brad Francisco, Darin King, Chris Garrett, Chris Zabriskie, Mike Wilson, Alex Frye, Charles Sidwell, Holden Hudson, Scott Walker
    : Beautiful, mostly sunny skies with continued clearing, 72 degrees with nearly calm
    : 22.3 mph (leaders / 4 rider)
             21.7 mph (chase-1 / 4 riders)
             19.3 mph (sweep)

    Tonight’s PRs
    : Jean Wright; 1:22:47; 18.2 mph
    Mishaps & Mechanicals
    : None
    : A gorgeous evening and fun ride.  Welcome to Chris Garrett who was able to join us for his first CJE; good having you along Chris!  We also picked up Michie and Holden part way through the course.  They were running a little late but were still able to join, mid-ride.  The gorgeous weather seemed to draw out some great conversation and discussions of summer plans for the End Hunger ride this Saturday, and later the SOTR, SMECO, Rural Legacy, CWC, and IH100.  Hope to see you all on Saturday and again next week.

  • Wed, April 26, 2017 5:30 PM | Jean Wright

    Leaders: Jean Wright

    Riders: Mike Millino, Ken Lemmert

    Weather:  Perfect Spring Riding Weather...Low 70's and gentle breeze

    AMS: 18 mph (our best time this season)

    Mechanicals/Mishaps: None  :) 

    Report: At the start, Mike said he was going to pull and he did.  Ken, Mike, and Jean stayed together for the entire ride, rotating the lead.  We dodged a lot of debris on the shoulder of 301.  Our AMS was a collective effort.  Well done.

  • Wed, April 26, 2017 10:00 AM | Stephen Palincsar

    Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

    Members: Pat Walthers

    Weather: overcast, low 60s at the start, brightening up by 10:30 and sunny for a brief period before clouding over again.  It got up to the high 60s but because of the wind it felt cool.

    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18351379  36 mi, 1000' of elevation gain.  From Accokeek Firehouse down Farmington and across 210 to Livingston; through the Preserve and up Danville to Gardner, Acton, Hamilton and Western Parkway into St Charles.  Around the Fish, Fur and Feather Circles, a rest stop at the 7-Eleven on Smallwood Parkway W, then Middletown to the IHRT to Bensville and Berry; back to Accokeek on Manning, Dusty and Accokeek Rd, followed by a bit of the Tour d'Accokeek back to the firehouse.

    Mishaps & mechanicals: none

    AMS: 12.3

    After days of rain, it was good to get back out again.  Tomorrow, summer.  And so it goes.

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