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3/20 B/CC Laurel Grove, Dr Johnson, Chaptico & Mechanicsville 40 mi

Mon, March 20, 2017 10:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar

Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

Members: Barb & Ron Haney, Desiree Holkon, Lou Dallorso, Mike Bivens, Bob Howell, Larry Peed, Karen McMillan

Guests: None

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/19665361 40 miles, 991' of elevation gain

Weather: a beautiful first day of spring.  Blue skies (until well after 2 pm, anyway, at which point it became overcast) bright warm sun, breezy to at times downright windy - into Seagull Training by the end of the ride - with temperatures in the 40s at ride start, rising to the high 50s by afternoon.

Mishaps & mechanicals: none

AMS: 13.1 in the CC group, a bit higher for the five Bs.

An unexpectedly large turn-out this beautiful morning.  Barb Haney was back from Europe, Karen McMillan had just returned from a Caribbean cruise, and it's been what, a year or more since Desiree has ridden us.  After heading right from the park we followed Oaks Rd to the Three Notch Trail and rode it all the way to its end at Laurel Grove Park, safely navigating the dreaded Mantraps of Polska with the help of a little Marco - Polo to focus the attention.  After a break in the park we took Laurel Grove and Kavanaugh to Loveville, its flat, wide shoulders strewn here and there with Mennonite Horse Leavings to Busy Corner.    The usually tricky crossing of MD-5 was easy and traffic-free this morning.  From there we took Colton Point (more wide shoulders) to Dr Johnson past the tractor at Friendly Hall Farm to Chaptico Rd (lovely and smooth since the re-paving, no more thump-thump-thump every few

yards down to a second rest stop at the Chaptico Store.  We stayed a while at the store enjoying the lovely day, then headed north on Mechanicsville Rd (more lovely flat shoulders) back to the Three Notch Trail.  We turned west on MD-6 into the wind, our Seagull Training Session interrupted briefly by a small diversion on Roundhill Rd providing a welcome relief from the wind, then followed Keech and Oaks back to the park.  In all, a splendid welcome to spring!

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