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Davidsonville to Galesville, B, 48 miles

Sun, April 16, 2017 9:30 AM | Diane Harris (Administrator)

Another gorgeous Spring day that happened to be Easter Sunday.  Ten riders joined me, eight members (Doug Lesar, Carol Torgan, Darryl Watson, Nancy Avitabile, Richard Edelman, Ken Meredith,  Brad Francisco,  Andrea Noseck) and two guests (Ron Leak and Deborah Grande).  The group fractured into the faster, the lost, and the B pacers.  As for the lost, a few of the riders missed an immediate left turn from Rutland onto Bell Branch.  They realized the error at the bottom of Rutland, back tracked to get back on the route, but ended up climbing Rutland twice!  They got a good climbing workout.  Brad had a flat which he was able to repair unassisted, and still got to the rest stop before the rest of the group.  Everyone variably met up at the store 1 mile before the rest stop where some opted to skip going to the water to continue on the ride, and others going to the water.  Of note, the store at the end of Galesville Rd was open!!  It is a wine and spirits shop that also sells snacks and soft drinks.  The owner of the building/store is aware that cyclists frequent that area and hopefully will have products that we want.  The return trip was uneventful except that one cyclist was really suffering from the pollen in the air.  So we took our time going back, with a short cut taken by the allergy sufferer to get him back sooner.  Overall, a good ride on a beautiful Spring day. 

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