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Indian Head Pavilion 25-mile A Ride "Not the CJE"

Wed, September 13, 2017 5:15 PM | Alan Canfield

Ride Leader:  Alan Canfield

Members:  Barb "The Professor" Haney

Guests:  Scott "Mark Spitz" Kommer

Route:   Ride start at IH Pavilion, rolling out via Strauss Ave to 225/Hawthorne.  Right on 224/Chicamuxen and left on Bucknell.  Right on Mason Springs for SWEET new pavement. Right on Smallwood Church back to 224 and return via the IH Rail Trail.


Weather:  Clear and sunny after rain early in the day.  Temp in the mid-80s at the start, lowering to mid-70s by the end.  Moderate humidity, 

Class:  A

AMS:  18.2 mph

Mishap:  None

Report:   Due to a conflicte this normally-scheduled Thursday ride was moved to Wednesday.  Guest rider Scott was interested in trying out the route and rode strong.   Barb showed up and gave a clinic on smooth, strong pulls.  Barb and Alan recorded several PRs on the route.  All-in-all a great ride!



  • Wed, September 13, 2017 10:24 PM | Barbara Haney
    Thanks for the very enjoyable ride, Alan! I hope to ride with you again!
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