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Tour de "All You Weak"

Wed, August 29, 2018 5:30 PM | Michael Dong

Got your attention?  Just Kidding :)

Tour de Accokeek, 17mi, CC and up

Leader and only fool to show up:  Michael Dong

Ambient temp was not bad at 90f, although I checked the above tarmac temp at 2ft and recorded a toasty 108f on asphalt in the sun, with a humidity index that made the real feel about "toaster oven" or "crab steam" range.


With nobody to usher, it was a quick workout ride with a 6mph headwind out, and spotty shade coming back. The heat motivated faster riding to get out of it, and an AVG of 19.7mph was not too shabby.


Take away is: Why didn't people show? Perhaps not prepping for the conditions? Not acclimated to stress the body in heat?

Tips: Hot day rides, start hydrating in the morning for an afternoon ride. I usually drink 3-4ltrs of H2O over 7-8hrs as a minimum, and move around. For longer expected rides, start hydrating about 24-48hrs in advance, pee clear and pee often...I drink a sports mix, or add salt and sugar to water to prevent hyponatremia (think diluting electrolytes if you just drink water, no bueno for anyone, especially older individuals.) Don't eat anything solid 4-6hrs before the ride, it'll just sit like a brick and upset your tummy (in heat, your body will not prioritize digestion over temperature control and muscle activity.)  **  YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY  **

Do not take if allergic to water. Complications can include, but are not confined to, irritability, redness/swelling to eyes and groin, headaches, fever, chills, back spasms, epicondylitis, ingrown toenails, heightened desire for heirloom tomatoes, drooling, dry mouth, as well as, ringing in the ears, excessive hair growth in joint areas, and BBQ cravings. Advise your ride leader if you have ANY or ALL of these symptoms. Ride Safe. Cheers! 

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