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3/16 - Gallant Green From Another Direction - AA - 50

Sat, March 16, 2019 10:00 AM | Brad Francisco

Leader:  Brad Francisco
Members: Larry Malone, Blake Altman
Guests:  None
Route:  Oak Ridge Park to Chaptico via Gallant Green.  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16927158
Weather:  46 degrees at the start and mid 50's by the end.  Windy and not steady.  Really a beautiful day (except, maybe a little less wind next time).
AMS:  18.2
Mechanicals/Mishaps:  None
Report:  Lots of small creatures out today enjoying Mr. Winter leaving us alone.  Some traffic on the roads, but most of those roads had plenty of space for bicycles and cars/trucks to peaceably coexist.  Some of the roads had no traffic on them, except us.  A couple of cars must not have known about the 3 foot law.  But more notable were three pickup trucks (yes, sometimes things happen in threes).  The first was as we were crossing Rt. 5 to get to Bryantown Rd.  We were waiting at the red light and a pickup with trailer pulled into the left turn lane.  Light turned green and the truck went straight.  Not even could be called a near miss, perfectly safe - just not correct.  The next was a near miss.  On Oaks road a pickup on our left made a left alongside us (Blake actually) and drove an oncoming car out of the travel lane.  Late in the ride the third pickup decided to make a left in front of us at Rt 5 as we were on Rt. 6 heading west.  I guess he miscalculated how fast we were traveling.  All that negativity aside, it was a really fun ride.  The wind made it extra challenging and yours truly pushed himself too hard.  All three of us worked well together and had fun socializing.  Thank you Larry for making the long drive to join us.  We may have recruited a new club member after the ride was over.  We were approached in the parking lot as we were doing what we do best - socializing.  A lady at the low end of our ages spotted us and thought we might know something about local cycling.  She wanted information on local bicycle clubs as she wants to get into cycling.  Pretty excited about it.  I had one of the old club registration forms with me, marked up with the new yearly fees.  Made it easy for her to get our contact information.  Expect to see her as soon as she gets a new bike (she already has the shoes).

I used the ride today to test out some new wheels in stiff crosswinds.  These were the disc brake version of the same model Zipp wheels that I wore out the rim braking track.  Pleasantly surprised that they were much better in cross winds than the old wheels (I suspect that the worn out rim brake track was not tripping the airflow to turbulent causing increased drag in the crosswinds).

Get out and ride!  It is nice riding weather!

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