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MV 45 Manokeek Espresso

Sun, March 17, 2019 10:00 AM | Diane Harris (Administrator)

Ride Leader:  Diane Harris 

Members:  Gary Abernathy, Tom Roberts, Phil Mitchell, Alfred Jemmot, and Blake Altman

Guests :  None

Route:  Manokeek Espresso, 45 miles

Class:  CC/B 

Weather:  Cold!  Low 40's at the start, breezy, sunny, dry

Mishaps/Mechanicals:  None

AMS:  17.1

At 9:50 there were only 2 of us at the start and I wondered if we would be the only ones on this ride.  By 10:00 there were 5 of us with one more pulling inot the parking lot.  I was joined by 5 guys, all of them A/AA riders!  I let them know during the pre ride talk that if anyone wanted to ride ahead, feel free, but follow the route and know that I would be behind them.  The ride was uneventful, the pace was faster than advertised but comfortable for everyone.  Comfortable because they waited for me at the top of each climb and allowed me to catch my breath!!  One rest stop at the 24 mile mark allowed everyone a break before resuming the ride.  This was a good group, the guys well matched for pace, with no mishaps.  I was happy to be pulled, pushed, and dragged along for my highest ams in quite some time.  If any other CC/B riders had joined us, I would have kept to the advertised pace but because I was the only CC/B rider there, I (happily) let the group set a pace comfortable for all of us.

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