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3/26 Southern Exposure C - La Plata Quailwood

Tue, March 26, 2019 10:00 AM | Stephen Palincsar (Administrator)

Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

Members: Pat Walthers, Patricia Sanders

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29558405 As planned, 30 miles and 1084' of elevation gain.  This was a shortened version of Joan's ride to Port Tobacco and La Plata.  We extended it by 2 miles by riding down to Potomac Heights before the final return leg on Chapmans Landing because it was such a beautiful day, everyone felt like doing more, and enough time remained to add the miles for those under time pressure.

Weather: Sunny, cloudless skies, windy.  42 at the start, "feels like" the high 30s and calling for full winter gear and extra layers, warming up to the low 50s by early afternoon with the wind dying down.  Basically, it was the transition from winter into spring compressed into three or four hours.

Mishaps & mechanicals: Patricia's wheel magnet is stripped and her computer wasn't working, and I had to tighten a loose fender-mounting screw.  Both were hardly serious enough to qualify as "mechanicals" and certainly not as "mishaps."

AMS: 10.6

It was rather strange riding on Quailwood among the flowering Bradford Pears, some in full bloom, into the teeth of a cold howling headwind, feeling one's fingers getting colder by the second wondering if it might not be smart to change into the heavy winter gloves I'd brought along just in case, only 30 minutes later to be shedding layers and feeling overheated.  

Everyone felt great when we got down to Hawthorne after having ridden the IHRT from Bumpy Oak, so we decided to add some scenic miles pootling around Potomac Heights.  The cyclerouteforecast application predicted we'd be back to Bryans Road by 1:48 for the original 30 mile route, and with two extra miles added, we finished almost exactly at 2 pm.  At the speed we were riding, it's about 6 min per mile, so exactly as predicted.

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