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Bryans Rd 44 Riverside

Sun, April 07, 2019 10:00 AM | Diane Harris (Administrator)

Ride Leader:  Diane Harris 

Riders (members):  Alan K, Janell S, Tom R, Tom S, Michael D, Lou D, Larry M, Karen M, Phillip M

Riders (guests):  None

Route:  Bryans Rd Riverside 

Weather:  Around 60° warming to ~70

Mechanicals :  None

Report :  This was a combined CC and B ride and  I expected us to split into our respective groups and we did.  There were 5 in the faster group, 1 in between, and 4 doing the CC pace.  This is a really nice route that uses some of the Indian Head Rail Trail going out and on the return.  In the middle are long stretches with little traffic on Chicamuxen Rd and the rollers of Riverside.  The store in Nanjemoy, the first rest stop is not open.  It is in the process of being renovated and supposedly is opening sometime within the next month.  We stopped there anyway, regrouped, rested, then continued.  Again along lightly traveled roads eventually making our way to the Pisgah store where we could replenish fluids and snacks (which included Tootsie Roll pops. They even had Sugar Daddys, an adult's nightmare !!).  The remaining 12 miles were uneventful and included more time on the Indian Head Rail Trail til we got to Bumpy Oak Rd where we made the left turn to go...up!!  The reward?  We're almost back to the start and no more real climbs!!  A good ride.

Ride leader's ams 13.5

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