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North Keys Park, Bassford, Gallant Green & Baden

Thu, April 11, 2019 10:30 AM | Thomas Short

Ride Leader: Tom Short

Ride Distance: 37 miles

Average Speed:  Impossible to say as group split up to take alternate routes back.  Ride leader had an AMS of 15.5 mph but only a 33 mile ride.

Ride Class: B but two CC riders were there to ride their own pace

Riders:  Patricia Sanders, Larry Peed, Latasha Banks, Mike Saizan, Regina Saizan, Pat Walthers, Jay Lewis, Alan Kurzweil, Ron Haney, Sam Perry, Darryl Watson.

Weather:  High 50's / low 60's.  Mild wind about 10 mph.

Ride Report:  The B riders all basically rode together to the Moreland Store rest stop at mile 17.  From there, the ride began to divide a little but not much until Latasha had a flat.  Latasha ran over a thumb tack.  Ron Haney, Sam Perry, and I stopped to provide assistance.  The other B riders were ahead not aware of the flat and kept going.  Latasha said this was the first flat she had ever had in her 10 years of riding and evidence bore that out.  She had materials to repair a flat but none of those materials worked.  Her CO2 inflator had rusted tight over the years and it would not work.  I had a manual pump but her spare tube which had not been used over its 10 year period of being in her seat pack would not inflate.   We found that it had deteriorated at a fold in the tube.  We put my spare tube in and all was well except that by then a long period had passed in essentially repairing the flat twice and diagnosing the problem.  Sam, Ron, Latasha and I decided to shortcut the route. When we arrived at the finish everyone else had already left.

Lesson to be learned:  CO2 inflators nor tubes last forever.  Periodically check them to be sure they still work and replace if needed.

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