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4/13 - Start the Season off Right - 47 miles - AA

Sat, April 13, 2019 11:00 AM | Brad Francisco

Leader:  Brad Francisco

Members:  Phil Mitchell, Blake Altman, Matthew Lewandowski

Guests:  None

Route:  Goose Bay to Pisgah

Weather:  Low to mid 60's, light wind, no rain!

AMS:  19.4

Mechanicals/Mishaps:  The ride leader inhaled something that triggered an asthma attack on Ironsides Rd. just before Rt 6.  By the time we crossed Rt. 6 the event was over.  Thank goodness.  Phil had a rear tire losing air slowly.  It was caught before the dreaded pinch flat as we approached Rt 224 for the first time.  Air was added using Blake's trusty frame pump that works like a mini floor pump so that he could make it to the Pisgah store where a new tube was installed (again using Blake's pump rather than CO2).

Report:   Barb had to make the call what to do with this ride from all the way in Italy.  Delaying it two hours allowed the rain to stop and the roads to dry sufficiently for a safe ride.  Perfect way to call this Barb!

The A's started to join us for the initial flat part of the ride, but we warmed up a bit quicker than they did and they dropped back for a little more warming up.

It was a great day for a ride.  I am not crazy about Mill Swamp Rd though.  To make the left onto it, you can't see the approaching vehicles until you are in their path (yep that happened), the road surface is terrible and the swamp intrudes into the road.  Yuck.

Twice on major roads different motorists stopped to let us make left turns.  I wish that they would not do that, but it was nice of them to to that and we gave them a lot of smiles and waves.

Our little group stayed together for the entire ride.  Well, except for Blake who headed for home after the Pisgah store stop (he had ridden to the ride start) and Phil on the home stretch of the IHRT who spotted a friend of his wife's going the other direction and decided to add a couple of miles.

Thank you all for coming out!  Phil you are riding strong for having so few road miles this year!


  • Sun, April 14, 2019 2:48 AM | Barbara Haney
    I’m glad the ride went well despite some uncertainty. I definitely can’t take too much credit for the final call. I monitored it remotely, but relied on the input and judgment of more experienced weather observers, Jim H and Steve P. We can look into the Mill Swamp situation in the future.
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  • Sun, April 14, 2019 11:44 AM | Pete Czapiewski
    Good riding with you guys for the first few miles and hanging out at Goose Bay. Hopefully, I'll be back to AA pace soon.
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