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4/20 - Easton Metric - A 63 miles

Sat, April 20, 2019 11:00 AM | Susan Henn

Leader: Eric Nielsen

Members: Sue Estes

Guests: David S. and Jenniffer B., on tandem

AMS: Unknown, probably 17 mph

As advertised, it was a blustery, windswept day on the Eastern Shore, and winds were stronger in the afternoon. But it was sunny by the ten-mile mark, which brought us seasonable temperatures in the low 70s. Of the 63 miles, the first twenty to Federalsburg were ridden at a comfortable pace, as the wind was only a minor inconvenience. Turning NNW and aided by strong tailwinds, the second twenty were bicycled to Denton in well less than an hour. Hence, we were in high spirits for late lunch at the Market Street Public House. Most of the third twenty miles back to our autos were “payback.” Buffeted by head-on 25 mph gusts, Sue and Eric settled into a two-person paceline. We briefly dropped the tandem, but Dave and Jenniffer latched back on about a mile before we reached Easton. The leader had a well-timed puncture due to a shard of glass that was repaired while waiting for lunch to be served.

L to R: Eric, David, Jenniffer, and Sue enjoy lunch at the Market Street Public House in Denton.


  • Sun, April 21, 2019 12:50 PM | Susan Henn
    Eric said they also saw a bald eagle during the ride.
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