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BR 39: Nanjemoy Community Center

Tue, April 30, 2019 10:00 AM | Thomas Short

Leader: Tom Short

Riders: Kirk Saunders, Alan Kurzweil, Larry Peed, Randy Hadden, Tom Roberts, Don Gardner, and Sam Perry.  Also Patricia Sanders and Karen McMillan rode with the B group to the first rest stop at Nanjemoy Community Center (mile 19)

Mechanical Issues/Mishaps:  None

Weather:  Could not be better.  Great temperature, no wind, clear sky.

AMS:  15.8 mph

Ride Report:  Ron Altemus developed the route and it is superb.  The B group rode together for the entire route except for Patricia Sanders and Karen McMillan who opted to ride with the CC group at the mile 19 rest stop.  We are beginning to get our riding legs working well which is evident by the AMS increase and hill difficulty decrease.  There were at least 3 members of the B group who could, if they wanted, ride faster but they chose not to and that it made it an even more enjoyable ride.

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