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4/30 Southern Exposure: Nanjemoy Community Center CC edition 39 mi.

Tue, April 30, 2019 10:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

Leader:  Ron Altemus

Members:  Patricia Sanders, Jackie & Randy Schoch, Karen McMillan, Pat Walthers, Karen Morgan, Joan Oppel

Route:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26784172  39 miles, 1,433' elevation change.   Outbound on Livingston, Chicamuxen, and MD-6 to a rest stop at the Nanjemoy Community Center. Return via Poseytown, Bowie, Baptist Church, Ironsides, Mason Springs, and MD-210. 

Weather:   getting warmer - mid 60s start to upper 70s at the end w/sunshine through a high haze indicative of the humidity working its way in...

AMS:   swept at 12.8

Mechanicals/Mishaps:   none

Report:   Correcting Tom, your faithful correspondent did not devise this route.  Joan last led it the end of 2018 so she either originated the route or perhaps Steve Palincsar did or even further back it was first laid out.   All the same, it is always fun to ride down to Nanjemoy.  The CC group was spread out down to the community center; for the most part, we were in visual contact on the return, while Jackie and Randy deviated a bit, including a rest stop at Pisgah store.  Nice to have Karen Morgan riding with us again; also nice that Karen McMillan is becoming a Tuesday regular, though as Tom noted, she rode quite a bit with the B group.  As always, a most delightful group of conversational cyclists.

Item of note:  Coming down Bowie to make a left onto Baptist Church, we were confronted by a large sign announcing "Nanjemoy County Store & Bar opening soon" with a right arrow indicating 3 miles.  We'll have to cycle past in the near future to see if it is indeed open/operational as it would be nice to have another rest stop possibility down there in SW Charles County.

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