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5/14 - Southern Exposure - A/B - 38 miles

Tue, May 14, 2019 10:00 AM | Barbara Haney

Leader: Barbara Haney

Members: Ron Haney, Pete Czapiewski, Tom Roberts, Sam Perry

Guests: Elizabeth Niles, Barb Haley

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29923467 Springhill Newtown - Marbury Run:  through La Plata, Port Tobacco, Pisgah, Indian Head; route creatively adapted by Ron A for his CC riders

Weather:  surprisingly worse that we expected. In the 50s all day, mostly overcast, even a few raindrops. NW wind 10-15 mph that was definitely a factor

AMS: 16.3 for leader, front riders somewhat higher

Report: There seemed to be some attrition pre-ride as a couple of riders changed their minds and left, maybe because they didn't have the right clothing for the weather. Those of us who hadn't put all our winter gear away were glad to have it: leg coverings, jackets, vests, wool socks, even full gloves and hats for some of us. It felt more like March or November than May, for sure. We welcomed two guests from VA , strong riders who we hope liked the ride enough to return as members. We rode at a brisk pace to the Dash In, only stopping long enough to regroup, then set out directly into the headwind to Pisgah Store. We took a normal break there, and from there we kind of broke up, the A group going on ahead, ride leader and Ron H dropping off to ride back at a B-ish pace, choosing to shortcut the end on Livingston instead of Chapmans, and Sam deciding to return directly via Mason Springs. Even in the less-than-ideal conditions, it was a good ride, and I hope it was enjoyed by all. 

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