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Shorter Newburg River Views - CC

Sat, May 25, 2019 9:30 AM | Deborah Bowman (Administrator)

Ride leader: Debby Bowman

Members: Jay Lewis, Jule Thorne, Janell Saunders, Ron Altemus

Guests: none

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30076186 - 44 miles, 1200 feet of climbing with only two real hills. From the St Ignatius Church parking lot (at the top of the big hill), we took Chapel Point and Irving Rds to Rt 301, where we rode south along the shoulder with welcome breaks from the traffic noise on Faulkner and Edge Hill Rd. Then we crossed 301 onto Rock Point Rd and began our between-the-rivers exploration. We took Mt Victoria Rd southeast to Wicomico Beach and River Rd. While enjoying the view of the river we chatted with the owner of the farm at the end of River Rd. Then we headed back out to Mt Victoria Rd and took Rock Point Rd and Morgantown Rd to the Potomac River. After retracing on Morgantown Rd we took Shiloh Church (first steep climb) and Mt Victoria back to 301 and Edge Hill Rd. We finished the ride by taking Pope's Creek (second big hill), crossing 301 to Faulkner, then crossing it again back to Chapel Point Rd and the church.

Weather: Fantastic! Sunshine, blue skies, reasonable humidity, temps rising from the low 70s to 82 at the end, light winds.

Mishaps and mechanicals: One missed turn.

Average speed: somewhere between 12 and 13 mph.

Rest stops: As Walt suspected, the store at Rock Point and Morgantown was not open, so both of our rest stops were at Dan's Store. They did not have a restroom, but we followed the cashier's suggestion to stop at the volunteer fire station next door to use theirs.

Critters: A horse rolling on the ground with ponies (or colts or donkeys) nearby, deer, goats, free-range chickens.

Crop report: Many fields lying fallow, some with early corn stalks.

What's up with the parking situation - The website for Chapel Point State Park includes a map that shows a parking lot for the park across the street from St Ignatius Church. Thus there were several emails about where to start the ride, ultimately clarifying that the lot is really intended for church parking. Ron spoke to the priest after the ride, and he confirmed that the parks department mistakenly believes that it's their lot.

Report: I was glad to see the CC/B ride that Walt posted, but didn't want to ride quite that many miles. Luckily it was easy to shorten the route by 10 miles without missing the most scenic part of the ride. As it turned out, there were several other like-minded club members who wanted a shorter ride. Since Walt's group were likely to ride faster than us, we didn't wait for them when we reached Rt 301, expecting them to pass us along the way or join us at the first rest stop. They never did catch up with us, though; we saw them riding toward the Wicomico as we were leaving our stop there, and saw them again as we rode away from the Potomac.

We had a good group of lower CC riders, though, and we rode together for most of the ride. Ron opted for to avoid the steep hill on Shiloh Church Rd but met us again at the second stop at Dan's Store, and Jay headed back to the start ahead of us. Throughout the ride we enjoyed scenic views, tree-lined roads and Casual Conversation.

Thanks to everyone for joining me today, and many thanks to Walt for posting the route!

And thanks to Harry for these photos.


  • Sun, May 26, 2019 5:29 PM | Stephen Palincsar (Administrator)
    Brilliant. I've thought about some of those roads for years but never have explored them. Did anyone take photos? I'd love to see what those off-the-beaten-path roads look like!
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    • Sun, May 26, 2019 6:38 PM | Deborah Bowman (Administrator)
      I think Janell might have some photos, and Harry posted some to facebook. Wicomico Beach and River Rd were really nice, and overall it was very low traffic with lots of tree-lined roads.
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