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BR Riverside 44

Sun, May 26, 2019 6:21 PM | Kirk Saunders

Leader : Kirk Saunders                                          Members: Barb & Ron Haney , Tom Roberts , Blake Altman & Phillip Mitchell .                                                        Guests : None                                                                            Route : Smooth & Safe with wide shoulders  , low traffic & nice Pavement.                                           Weather: A hot day to start but much of the route had some shade  . The last few miles felt like a pressure cooker @ 93 degrees . Some talk of earlier rides in the near future .                                                          AMS : 17.9                                                                                    Mechanical/Mishaps : 0                                                            Report : It was quite a pleasure riding with such talented riders who worked together to be safe and rotate on the front . I was grateful the  stronger riders eased off a bit after the hills to keep the group together and portrayed real OHBTC Spirit  . I like the piggy backing of rides . It’s fun to see all the good people even if they aren’t riding in the same class . I could see some “it’s Too hot” looks on some faces towards the end of the ride . But if you asked them right now they would say it was a awesome  / ride ! 

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