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Delaware Beach Wake-Up Ride

Tue, May 28, 2019 1:46 PM | Ken Lemmert


Ride Leader:  Ken Lemmert

Date: May 24, 2019

Time:  7:00am

Ride Name:  Delaware Beach Wake-Up Ride

Ride Distance:  36 Miles

Average Speed of the Ride:  17.3 mph

Ride Class:  A/B

Mechanical Issues:  None

Mishaps:  With 2 miles to go I was cruising in the bike lane.  Traffic was backed up going into the beach.  One of the cars decided to turn right....bam....I was extremely lucky.  Was cruising around 20 mph and saw this coming at the last second or two.  Was able to cut speed but not avoid the collision.  Damage to me a few scrapes, bumps and bruises.  Damage to the bike, bent derailleur, handlebar tape.  Had I not been on the old Steel Bianchi and on my carbon fiber it would have been a different story on the bike damage.  Took it to Bicycle Connection in Bethany Beach on route 26.  The mechanic was Mike and he was awesome.  Bike Doctor in Waldorf is my shop and always will be but if you need service at the beach this is the place to go. 

Looking back I should have been going slower with that backed up traffic.  It's still the drivers fault, just thinking of ways to be safe.

Weather:  Low 70’s, sunny, strong winds

Ride Report:

Very windy ride.  Plenty of head winds today.  Usually we can get some relief.  Not much today.  Still had a great time except for getting hit by the car.


  • Thu, May 30, 2019 8:08 AM | Blake Altman
    I'm glad you are okay. I hope you send the driver the bill for your bike repairs.
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