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6/18 Southern Exposure: St Ignatius>Quailwood CC Touring edition 36 mi

Tue, June 18, 2019 9:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

Leader:  Ron Altemus

Members:  Sonja Newman, Patricia Sanders, Jessica Hirschhorn, Harry Kidd, James Rauch, Jim Hudnall

Route:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26630264  35.9 miles, 1332' elevation gain.  Outbound on Livingston, Hawthorne, Rose Hill, and Chapel Point to St Ignatius.  Next, Bel Alton Newtown, Fairgrounds, and St Marys to a 2nd rest stop at the La Plata Dash-In. Concluding on Quailwood, Hawthorne, and Bumpy Oak back to the start.

Weather:   mostly cloudy, resulting in temperatures in the 70s until after the ascent of Bumpy Oak when the sun broke through and quickly warmed into the 80s.  Very humid for the entire ride w/o any noticeable wind.

AMS:   swept at 13.8 (mainly because trying to catch up...)

Mechanicals/Mishaps:  one balky fender at ride start, eventually corrected; La'Tasha flatted at Hawthorne and Ripley; and, La'Tasha stalled climbing Bumpy Oak and took a tumble.  Mainly her pride was hurt, but she was a little sore.   P.G. corrections officer Renata Cummins stopped to assist and offered a ride back to Bryans Road, which La'Tasha accepted.

Report:   With Harry's misbehaving fender, and a quick stop at the Livingston parking lot, he and your faithful correspondent spent the first part of the ride trying to catch up with everyone else.  We encountered La'Tasha and Sam as mentioned above, and while Sam had everything well in hand, Harry did provide some minor additional assistance.  By the time we reached St Ignatius, and its wonderful ice machine, only Sam, La'Tasha, and Sonja were still there.  Sonja was riding a new bike, first ride to be exact, and having some fit issues.  We meet up with Jim Hudnall at the La Plata Dash-in and from there, the six of us rode back together.  Very light traffic on a number of the roads, though Bumpy Oak was quite busy.  I hope the rest of the CC sign-ins had a good ride, too.

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