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Lake Needwood Joint Picnic Ride With Black Ski, Inc.

Sat, June 15, 2019 8:30 AM | Sherwood

I would like to thank Black Ski, Inc. (BSI), for this invitation to Oxon Hill Bike & Trail Club (OHBTC), to join them on this annual ride from Lake Needwood, (Montogomery & Howard Counties) and picnic after the ride.  BSI supplied all of the meats and the Lakeside view at the pavilion with is amenities for comfort at Lake Needwood.  Larry Coleman of BSI who orchestrates this annual event for BSI, thanked OHBTC for our attendance.

Linda Bankerd, Holly Carr, Sam Perry, Cecilia Grillo, Tasha Harris, Morris Hymes, & Antonio Bruce Patos joined Sherwood Byers, Sr., Ride Leader for OHBTC for this 44 mile ride.  There was Road & Trail riding.  Many cyclists took advantage of the trail as there preference. 

The scenic routes through Montgomery & Howard Counties were beautiful and picturesque.  The scenic view of the lake (With its abundance of history)  at ride start and breath taking views of the farms,  landscapes, and vistas along the route.  With its rolling hills and almost 3 thousand feet of climbing and perfect riding weather, the picnic was welcomed after the ride.  There was plenty to eat and drink as attendees brought their favorite foods.  

On this great day for riding and perfect weather, no mechanicals or mishaps were reported.

This was a very nice event and a wonderful opportunity to socialize with cyclists from BSI and also GII,  whom I was pleasantly surprised to have the opportunity to socialize with, another familiar local bicycle club from Southern Maryland.

Again, thank you to BSI and all who joined me on this great and wonderful day of riding and socializing. 

I  would  also like to thank Rudy Project for the SWAG gifts they provided for distribution for this event.  The gifts included Hats, Backpacks, Key Chains, and Discount Cards.


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