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6/25 - Smallwood Marina and Pisgah Store - A 41

Tue, June 25, 2019 9:00 AM | Barbara Haney

Leader: Barbara Haney

Members: Ron Haney, Tom Roberts, Pete Czapiewski 

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/12594733

Weather: hot (80s) and humid.  Not too windy 

AMS: 17.3 

Mechanicals/Mishaps: one flat rear tire 

Report: We had “B+++almost A” LaTasha Banks join us for the first half of the ride. We stayed together and all contributed pulls. LaTasha discovered she had a flat a few miles from the rest stop, right at the Pisgah Store, so we took an unplanned break there to change it. A small piece of wire was found in her tire. We joined all the other riders at the official rest stop at Smallwood, and enjoyed the shade and benches for a while. Lou Dall’Orso joined us at that point and rode with us until turning off at the rail trail. LaTasha, after having done a great job riding with us for the first part, rode with the Bees after the break. For the remainder of the ride we rode at a somewhat faster pace that then got increasingly faster in the last few miles. We got back to Bryan’s Road right in time for the 12:00 noon siren. 

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