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6/25 - Smallwood Marina and Pisgah Store - CC 41

Tue, June 25, 2019 9:00 AM | Jim Hudnall (Administrator)

Leader:  Jim Hudnall

Members: Joan Oppel, Karen McMillan, Jackie and Randy Schoch

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/12594733

Weather:  Enough heat and humidity that is was a day for two water bottles.  Temperature read 84 degrees at the Bryans Road fire station when the ride leader finished at 1 pm. 

AMS: 14.0 for the ride leader, sweeping

Mechanicals/Mishaps: On Mason Springs Road after the stop at the Pisgah Store, Sonja crashed after hitting a sinkhole in the middle of the travel lane.  About a foot in diameter and six inches deep, the sinkhole was almost invisible to approaching cyclists.  Sonja suffered road rash and an injury to her cheek. Sam phoned Barb and Ron, and they came back in their van to get Sonja and her bike. They took Sonja to  Charles Regional Medical Center in LaPlata and her bike to the Bike Doctor of Waldorf. OHBTC members take care of each other. Many thanks to Sam, Barb and Ron for taking care of Sonja, 

Report: Other than Sonja's crash, the ride was uneventful. The five of us who had signed in with the CC group started off with everyone else. The A's were quickly out of sight, Karen stayed with the B's , and Jackie and Randy said they "would do their own thing." I enjoyed riding with Joan and hearing about her Adventure Cycling ride in Montana last week. Thinking that the others would be waiting for us at the Smallwood Marina rest stop, we turned from Bicknell Rd onto Sweetman Rd and shortened our route by two  miles. When we arrived at the marina, we were surprised that no one was there. They soon came in and said the delay was due to La'Tasha's flat tire.

Joan, Karen and I rode together to Durham Church, where Karen continued and Joan and I topped off our water bottles with cold water from the faucet by the well. At the top of the last hill before Pisgah, a pickup truck that had passed us lost some of the load that it was taking to the county landfill. The driver appreciated our help getting most of it back into the truck.

At the Pisgah General Store, Joan kept going and I pulled in to find Bob with Sam, La'Tasha and Sonja. La'Tasha hasn't acclimated yet to the heat and humidity. I told Bob that it looked like my CC group had gotten larger and that he could go on. A little later, Sam, La'Tasha, Sonja and I were rolling along on the ups and downs of Mason Springs Road, when the sinkhole suddenly appeared in front of Sonja. Thanks again to Sam, Barb and Ron for helping Sonja. Also, many thanks to Bob for driving back to offer assistance.


  • Tue, June 25, 2019 6:55 PM | Donaro Gardner
    We all wish Sonja a speedy recovery,and hopefully no serious injuries!
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  • Tue, June 25, 2019 6:56 PM | Donaro Gardner
    We all wish Sonja a speedy recovery,and hopefully no serious injuries!
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