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Sandgates, Sotterly and Laurel Grove Twice - CC

Sun, June 16, 2019 9:00 AM | Deborah Bowman (Administrator)

Ride leader - Debby Bowman

Members - Pat Walthers, Walt Roscello, Denise Edwards, Ron Altemus, Sarah Clement, Ron Tucker, Jan Tucker

Guests - Andrea Noseck

Routes: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30258704 and https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30275776. The inspiration was a ride that Steve Palincsar led last summer. I shortened it a bit and made a change to decrease the amount of time on Three Notch Rd. Since it stopped twice at Laurel Grove Park, I made an even shorter version that started and ended there. So we had a 54 mile route starting from Northern Senior Center and a 34-miler from Laurel Grove Park. The longer route took New Market Turner Rd on the way to Laurel Grove, and used the 3 Notch Trail on the way back to the senior center. Between stops at the park, both routes took Three Notch Rd to Sandgates for a view of the Patuxent River, then took McIntosh Rd to Hollywood and a stop at McKay's. Then we continued on Hollywood to Sotterly Rd, with a brief stop at the plantation, and followed Vista to Three Notch Rd. Turning left onto Clover Hill, we rode McIntosh a second time and turned up Jones Rd to Friendship School and Bishop. (This was the change that I made from Steve's original route, which stayed on Three Notch Rd all the way to Friendship School. ) From Bishop we took Loveville, Kavanagh and Laurel Grove Rd to Laurel Grove Park .

Average speed: 12ish at the back.

Mishaps and mechanicals: A dropped chain on New Market Turner Rd. And the ride leader took waaaaay too long to write this report, due to misplacing the sign-in sheet and taking a trip to Omaha for a family wedding.

Weather: Warm, sunny, a bit breezy at times, kinda hot at the end but overall not bad at all.

Critters: We saw a very large green beetle at Laurel Grove Park. It was a muted olive green, perfect for blending in with foliage. Unfortunately it turned out to be an ex-beetle. We also saw the our old friends, the 3NT cats.

Report: This was a very nice ride with a great group of cyclists. It was wonderful to see a some old friends who we hadn't ridden with in a while. Having the two routes that met at Laurel Grove Park worked great, and several riders were glad to have the shorter option. We spread out on the road a bit but regrouped numerous times, and I don't think anyone rode alone.

Taking McInstosh and Jones Rd to Friendship School was much quieter than riding along the shoulder of Three Notch Rd, though there was a steep hill on Jones that we didn't particularly enjoy. On our second stop at the park, one rider who had started at the senior center and was recovering from a cold decided to call it a day, and was sagged back to his car by the riders who had done the 34-mile route.

Many thanks to everyone who joined me for this ride, and to Steve for providing the original route. Apologies for the delay in writing the report!

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