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Deale and North Beach

Sun, June 30, 2019 8:30 AM | Deborah Bowman (Administrator)

Leader: Debby Bowman

Members: Leslie Tiernan, Janell Saunders, Harry Kidd, Shelly-Ann Sinclair

Guests: none

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/15438280 - 44 miles, 1800 feet of climbing. A familiar and favorite ride in Anne Arundel County, going north on Sands, Bayard and Polling House up to Harwood, then down Owensville-Sudley, Sudley and Swamp Circle to a rest stop in Deale. After the break we continued south on Rockhold Creek, Deale, Franklin Gibson, Leitch and Town Point to Fairhaven, then took Friendship and Boyd's to the long downhill on 5th St to North Beach. After another stop at the Chesapeake Market, we rode up the hill on Friendship and went north on Wilson/Jewell/McKendree to Bay Front. From the there the planned route crossed over Route 4 and took Wrighton, Plummer and the service road back over Route 4 to Southern Maryland Blvd and the park and ride. Some riders opted to take the shortest way back by turning north onto Southern Maryland Blvd instead of taking Bay Front to Wrighton.

Weather: Summery but not too humid. A touch of NW head wind at times.

Mishaps and mechanicals: One rider missed the turn onto Boyd's Turn Rd, went straight down the hill on Friendship and met up with the rest of us going the other way toward the Chesapeake Market.

Critters: Lots of butterflies, and thick fuzzy caterpillars on the road.

Average speed: Somewhere between 12.5 and 13 mph at the back.

Report: We began June with a ride to the beach, and it seemed fitting to end the month the same way. We spread out a bit on the road but regrouped numerous times. One rider who had joined us on the way to a vacation at the shore decided to take a short cut back from Deale. Of the remaining four, three of us regrouped at the North Beach Pier, and shortly after discovered our fourth companion had missed a turn as we rode the last few miles to our second rest stop. After enjoying the break together, we split into a faster pair and a slower pair for the remaining miles.

Overall it was an enjoyable ride. Thanks to everyone for joining me!

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