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7/7 - Bob's Watermelon Ride - AA - 44

Sun, July 07, 2019 9:00 AM | Brad Francisco

Leader: Brad Francisco

Members: Tom Roberts, Steve Koegle, Blake Altman

Guests: None

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27823626

Weather: 80's, but really humid

AMS: 19.6

Mechanicals/Mishaps: We are really not sure. We were riding along Chickamuxen Rd. and we heard the sound of a punctured tire. It seemed to come from Tom's bike. But then it stopped. That doesn't happen without tire sealant and Tom didn't have any in his tire. I have sealant, but the sound didn't come from my bike and my tires didn't have any loss of air pressure.

Report: The weather forecast for today was in flux. Barbara made the call that the ride was a go. It was a great call. Not a huge turnout, but given the weather and changing forecast, it was still a decent turnout.

The thought at the start of a multiclass ride is to get the faster riders off first. That means that the faster riders need to be more on time than the other riders. NOT FAIR! We had two riders ready to go at the planned start time and then three and then four.

There has been some pothole repair in the last year. It was very much appreciated.

Very humid riding conditions, yours truly was suffering. Not fun to be overheating.

One stop, at the Pisguh store, and we didn't enter the store and just took a bit of time to socialize and cool down a bit.

Then off we went. No other riders had arrived yet. Steve and Tom were having fun doing sprints in front of Blake and myself. No problem. Then the before mentioned tire issue/nonissue. Tom ended up taking a more direct route home, because he had been having a tube patch issue that may have been the puncture that we heard. We may never know.

Steve continued to ride with us, unless there was a climb. In which case he was leaving us behind.

There is a new housing development taking place on Marshall Hall Rd. More development! They were supposed to leave two trees behind. A mistake was made and there is only one tree now. A $200 fine was issued.

My clean bike got dirty along with every other bike on Barry's Hill Rd today. If that is the worst thing that could happen, it was a fantastic ride.

But the ride was over, but not.  Many thanks to Michael and Azalea Butler and Jackie Schoch for setting up in the park, providing, slicing, cubing, and serving the ICE COLD watermelon and the ice cold water (yes, I shamelessly borrowed some wording here)!

I was complemented on how dry that I looked after the ride, but when I offered to stand over Michael and drip on him, the statement was retracted.

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