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7/16 - Southern Exposure

Tue, July 16, 2019 9:00 AM | Michael Saizan

Leader: Mike Saizan

Members:  Holly Carr, Tom Short, Tom Roberts, Alan Kurzweil, Regina Saizan, Jim Hudnall, Sonja Newman, Lou Dall'Orso, Don Garner, Barb Haney (Karen McMillan signed up CC, rode 1st leg with the Bs)

Route: Livingston to Hawthorne to Annapolis Woods to the Scott's store rest stop.  Then up Durham Church to Smallwood Church to Bicknell to the Pisgah Store rest stop.  Lastly Mason Springs to Hawthorne to Chapmans Landing back to the parking lot.

Weather: The starting temp this morning was about 80 rising to 91 by the end.  Sun was the order for the day but the relatively shady route provided some welcome relief.

Report: The B and CC groups all crossed MD-210 together but by the end of Livingston Rd had separated into a number of smaller groups. We regrouped at Scott's Store along with the CC group.  Then things got a little crazy.  A couple of riders experienced heat fatigue and decided to short cut back home.  Thanks to Barb for accompanying them back.  A few riders left the rest stop early and I lost track of them.  Now 6 of us started out with 2 CC riders and we continued with them to the Pisgah Store.  For the last leg, we all looked forward to the shade of Chapmans Landing.  At the finish, several of us visited the Subway shop for lunch (and some cool air conditioning).

Mishaps: Due to the use of an older variation of the route, a couple riders got off course for a while but ended up back on track by the first rest stop.

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