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7/27- Picnic Ride - AA 48

Sat, July 27, 2019 8:30 AM | Brad Francisco

Leader: Brad Francisco

Members: Steve Koegle, Zach Peacock

Guests: Rob Golding, Jill Patterson, George Wilson, Kim Jentis

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28075421

Weather: Humid, 70's at the start and mid 80's at the finish

AMS: 20.0 for faster riders and 19.1 for the ride leader

Mechanicals/Mishaps: None

Report: Welcome back Zach! Rob, your membership has expired. 

Rob and Jill showed up with two of their cycling buddies. I managed to keep up with the group for the first 8.5 miles (averaging 19.6) and then I really was proving my leadership abilities by leading from the rear as they rode out of sight. Steve offered to stay back with me, but I knew that he really wanted to ride with the others and sent him on his way.

I improved my average speed to 19.8 mph by the time that I reached the rest stop, passing the B's on the way. Zach had stayed with the group until nearly the end of Wilson Rd. The guests had a 21 average when they reached the rest stop. Jill and Rob were taking it easy preparing for a race tomorrow.

After a nice rest in the shade, it was time to depart. Except that our guests were not ready to leave. Either that or they wanted us to leave so that they could chase us down. Zach left with Lisha to head back at a slower pace. Steve and I rode off together keeping an eye on our mirrors looking for overtaking cyclists. That proved to be too taxing for Steve and halfway back he took off for the picnic finish and was soon out of sight. The four guests arrived at the picnic shortly after I did.

No incidents, light vehicular traffic, decent weather, and a tasty feast at the end. Thank you to all that made this happen.

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