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Skyline on Sunday

Sun, August 04, 2019 5:07 PM | Holly Carr

This was a wonderful ride.  So many successes.   We had the good fortune of two members (Pat and Neal) who never before participated in OHBIKE rides join our ride.  So the first success was new riders.

The second success was shared by Sherwood and Pat, who were not sure of their climbing endurance.  And because Walter was there as SAG, they were encouraged to try.

The third success was shared by Pat, and Sherwood (and Walter) because they completed the entire ride on their own.  Having Walter there gave the encouragement to go past what they would normally do.  And so they did it.

The fourth success was an observation that doing new and different things benefits the club.  OHBIKE can extend beyond canned rides in Southern Maryland!

The fifth success was shared by all other riders, including Linda, Darrell, Michael Dong (who rode for San Diego Cyclo Vets), Diane, Tony and myself for the camaraderie shared by all.


  • Thu, August 08, 2019 9:47 PM | Diane Harris (Administrator)
    "Canned" rides can be tried and true rides!!
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