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8/10 - Northern Senior Center to Avenue2 - AA - 48

Sat, August 10, 2019 5:30 AM | Brad Francisco

Leader: Brad Francisco

Members: Blake Altman, Robert Smith

Guests: None

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28732455

Weather: 70 at the start, 80 by the end, low humidity, sunny, light wind. To summarize, it was perfect riding weather!

AMS: 18.9

Mechanicals/Mishaps: Crash


Lots of bikes out today. The first group was spotted by Blake on his way to the ride and we passed them as they were stopping for a break at a store in Budds Creek.

It has been a long time since Rob has been able to join us on a ride. With a scheduling change at work, he should be out more Saturdays. Rob collected two PR's on Strava before work contacted him. He had to turn back 20 miles into the ride to fill in for the two Bike Doctor employees that called in sick on this nice day.

A good number of people out doing yard work. Not too much traffic and the roads were in great shape. We made Avenue our first stop  and had a chat with two of the locals as they were waiting to see if their lottery tickets would be worth any money.

Leaving the store, we passed Walt with the B's, Steve with the C's, and Debby with the CC's. All in close proximity to each other. Great turnout for those rides.

Blake and I decided to stop at the Chaptico Market for ice cream. In the parking lot there was a large wet area on our path as we approached at about 12 mph. No problem - right? Wrong. I had the lead and my bike instantly slid out underneath me and I went down hard. The wet spot was a massive spill of very viscous and slippery oil. For the sake of an injury report this happened at 10:45. I was slow to get up, it is good not to be in a rush. My right upper thigh and right rear of my helmet took the brunt of the impact. The right side of my back has a good bit of superficial road rashNothing broken, but I will be sore tomorrow! The right shift/brake lever was moved out of place damage to both levers. The right pedal and rear derailleur were scraped up just a little.

Blake saw me go down and slowed and unclipped just before his bike went down, but he was left standing. He isn't sure how that happened.

The manager had the spill reported to him by several people that saw our bikes go down (plus myself) and cat litter was quickly spread on most of the spill. Vehicles had been driving on it a while and oil tracks from the tires covered a large area.

It was quite difficult to walk away with our bikes as it was so slippery and the oil on our tires made it hard to keep them upright.

We got our ice cream.

The portajohn had toilet paper and we used that to remove the oil from the tires before taking our bikes for test rides. Mine wouldn't shift into the large rear cog - but it was so close. A half turn of the barrel adjuster and it was good.

The rest of the ride was uneventful. A good many people were out enjoying the beautiful weather on the trail. We stopped for a bicycle laying in the middle of the Three Notch Trail. The crank arm nut had come loose, we couldn't help. The Boy Scout leader was planning to do a lot of coasting and foot power to get the 4 miles back to the end of the ride.

My wife was finishing up the last of her run when we got back to the Senior Center. She was heading back out to the trail after snitching a cold bottle of water from my car. Blake and I had two of the remaining cold bottles and headed to our respective residences.  Me without a shirt on as the back and side of my leader jersey is covered in oil. My shorts were also coated in oil, not visible as they are black, but it wouldn't be a good idea to take those off to drive home. The oily part should not have touched the car seat, but if it did, I'll have another project.

I took a look at the thigh after I got home. The bike riding has paid off as there is a lot of muscle in that area that was able to absorb the impact. It is abraded and swollen, but not too bad. So the bicycle clothing and helmet protected me a great deal.

Always wear your helmet!


  • Sat, August 10, 2019 6:21 PM | Walt Roscello (Administrator)
    I went down last year on some deep sand that had washed across a roadside trail at a driveway. When I saw my leg (hours later, at the end of the day) I thought I was going to have swelling for days. But a doctor on my trip gave me some Naproxen/Naprosyn and I was amazed to have no swelling the next morning. So, if you can get some I recommend it. I'm not sure if other NSAIDs reduce swelling to the same degree.
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    • Sat, August 10, 2019 6:50 PM | Brad Francisco
      Also sold as Aleve and Naproxen Sodium (220 mg). I have a Naproxen prescription for a van accident in 1993 where my van was hit from the rear twice. It is expired by 2.5 decades but 500 mg with two tablets left. It is worth a try. Thank you for the recommendation. I have been on my feet walking some miles. I also rode about 10 miles after the crash. Anything that gets fresh blood to flush out the injured area seems to help. I usually use Ibuprofen, but our supply ran out.
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