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8/10 Laurel Grove to Avenue, Colton Point, Chaptico - B 50

Sat, August 10, 2019 8:30 AM | Walt Roscello (Administrator)

Leader: Walt Roscello

Members: Alan Kurzweil, Sue Estes, Barb Haney, and others who signed in with the CCs

Route: Same as Debbie's - down to Rt. 242 with a loop on Bishop and Parson's Mill, then to the 7th district park, then down to Abell.  We looped along Abell and then around Colton's point, then returned the usual way up Bushwood and Hurry, and Baptist Church to the trail.

Weather: Very nice.  Just below 70 at the start and less than 85 at the end.  Light wind from the NW.

AMS: 14.8 for the leader, likely high 15's for others with the "pootling" taken out.

Mechanicals/Mishaps: None

Report: The day was uneventful, just good weather and good roads for riding.  Despite only having three others sign in with me, we actually had 8 together for the first two rest stops.  And Debbie was pushing her pace as well, rolling in only a few minutes behind us at each stop.  We enjoyed the water views down at Chaptico as shown in Steve's report.  

I noticed the sand/litter in the parking lot at Chaptico store and went around it; see Brad's report for the apparent story.  Can we hope that the policeman talking to someone in the parking lot was issuing a ticket for dropping oil on the ground?

Our group started evaporating after the Abell rest stop.  One of the eight opted to rejoin the CCs at that stop, then Sue Estes kept going past Chaptico to get home more quickly.  Of the remaining six, one went off the front on Baptist Church, and Bob Howell stopped at home (where he had started the day).  I said goodbye to the remaining three when we reached the trail, as I was the only one who opted for the extra miles.

I can see why they may not have - my extra loop down Flora Corner and Rt. 6 was much hillier - it added 500' to the 1300' in the other 50 miles.  Although I felt a little fatigue it was good to have the higher mileage.  I think I'll just need a larger ice cream for next time!

I still saw most of the riders at the parking lot, including the CCs who returned shortly after I did (with fewer miles, but also took a stop at Bushwood Wharf).  Everyone enjoyed this ride.

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