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8/13 Southern Exposure: BR 38 St Ignatius CC/C (& friends)

Tue, August 13, 2019 10:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

Leaders:  Ron Altemus & Larry Peed

Members:   Jay Lewis, Joan Oppel, Donaro Gardner, Karen McMillan, Sam Perry, Janell Saunders, Lou Dall'Orso, Tom Short

Route:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/12709894  38 mi, 1,195' elevation gain.  Outbound utilized Pomfret (recently paved), Marshall Corner, Valley, and Chapel Point to a rest stop at the church. Return via Fairgrounds, St Marys, MD-6, Rose Hill, Bumpy Oak, the IHRT, and Chapman's Landing.

Weather:   overcast, keeping the temps mostly in the upper 70s, humid, breezes out of the SE.  Rain started about 12:30 pm, which shouldn't have been a problem, except for the Mechanical detailed below.

AMS:   swept in the low 13s

Mechanicals/Mishaps:   your faithful correspondent/ride leader picked up a piece of wire turning from St Marys onto Charles.  No quick repair as the new replacement tube wouldn't hold air.  So the original offending tube was patched but it took a bit more time than usual and delayed our return.

Report:   various forecasts had rain all morning or none at all, so I figured we could get a ride in if done by 12:30.  Larry kindly offered to be the B keeper today, so there was quickly two groups off to St Ignatius, the trailing one being the usual CC regulars.  We all met up at the church and made good use of the ice machine.  Leaving St Ignatius was rather unstructured, and Larry and Donaro ended up behind the CCers.  Thus the four of us  were riding together when the aforementioned flat occurred.  After repair, we continued along, encountering "spitting" rain on Bumpy Oak.  Larry & Donaro chose to shorten their return by climbing Bumpy Oak; Joan and I continued on the advertised route.  By Lower Wharf, it was raining, not enough to be annoying, just enough to get one wet (though you can only get so wet).  By the time the two of us reached the shopping center, everyone else was gone.  The rain stopped long enough to load bikes, etc, followed by a brief downpour.  Thanks to all who came out today - seemed like a good, enjoyable ride.

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