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Avenue, Colton Point and Chaptico (Ice Cream) -- CC

Sat, August 10, 2019 8:30 AM | Deborah Bowman (Administrator)

Leader: Debby Bowman

Members: Patricia Sanders, Janell Saunders, Sue Gunter, Bob Howell, Monica Irmler, Gerry Iacouzze, Jay Lewis

Guests: none

Weather: Sunshine, low humidity, temps in the 80s, a bit of wind from the NW at times.

Mishaps and mechanicals: none

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30791253 - An extension of a pleasant shady ride that only three of us had the chance to enjoy last month, created specially for the occasion along with a shorter companion route for  C riders with the intention of us all meeting up for the most scenic part. From Laurel Grove Park we went out on Laurel Grove and Kavanagh to Loveville Rd, then dipped down on Bishop, Friendship School and Parsons Mill, then rode to Pin Cushion and Sunnyside and took Colton Point Rd to the first stop at Seventh District Park. The second stint took Sugar Hole, Oakley, Abell and Hatchett Thicket, then followed Colton Point Rd down to the Potomac River. After a scenery stop at the St Clement's Island Museum we headed back out on Colton Point Rd to Murphy's Store. From there we rode up Bushwood Wharf Rd, which we followed to the end for another scenery stop at the wharf, then took Bushwood and Hurry Rd to the final stop at Chaptico Market, then completed the ride on Baptist Church and the Three Notch Trail.  Total distance was about 51 miles with the added trip to Bushwood Wharf.

Personnel changes: Pat, Sue and Bob signed with the CCs but rode with the Bs. Monica also rode with the Bs for a while but finished with the CCs. Janell needed to shorten the route so she skipped the part down to Colton Point. Jay also wanted a shorter ride, so he started at the church in Chaptico, met up with the Bs and Cs on the way to Seventh District Park, then rode with the CCs as far as Chaptico Market.

Average speed: about 13.5 mph by the end of the ride. We started fast, averaging 14.5 at the first rest stop. We slowed down from Colton Point to the intersection of Bushwood and Maddox, where we waved farewell to to the C group, then rode a more typical CC pace to the end.

Intersectional: The plan worked great -- the Bs, CCs and Cs met up at Seventh District Park, then reassembled at Colton Point thanks to a smart edit that Steve made to trim the original C route a bit to facilitate the meetup.  As reported by Walt, things broke up a bit after Murphy's Store, but the remaining CC contingent were pleasantly surprised when the Cs met us at Chaptico Market for an unexpected stop just before they returned to the park where they started. As an added bonus, we saw Blake and Brad repping the AAs on Oakley Rd.

In all it was a great day for a great bike ride, with folks having a chance to ride at the pace they preferred but also having the opportunity to socialize with other groups with scenic Potomac River views for a backdrop.

Thanks to everyone who came out! And welcome to new member Gerry!!

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