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8/17 Three Covered Bridges - CC 49

Sat, August 17, 2019 10:30 AM | Walt Roscello (Administrator)

Leader: Walt Roscello

Members: Holly Carr and Dianne Harris

Route: Steve's 3 bridges route with on-the-fly changes

Weather: 80 and humid, then 90 and humid, then rain and cooler, then 85 and humid

AMS: 13.6 with 2,150 feet elevation gain

Mechanicals/Mishaps: I fell over, and Holly had a light or pump rubbing her tire.

Report: We had a bunch of pleasant misadventures during the ride.  First the bridge into Eden was out, so we dead reckoned along the river and then rejoined the route as it left Eden.  That also skipped the first rest stop so we took a break at the Hunsecker bridge.  While there we noticed some scattered dark clouds approaching so we left hoping we could get out of their path.  That worked until the second bridge, 9 miles later.  While sitting there with only one foot unclipped, I did a slow fall to the side - no casualties.  We had rain of varying intensity for the next 6 miles - never hard, and it actually helped with the temperature.   After the planned rest stop at mile 31, we opted to bypass the big hill before Lapp's and go around, then decided not to detour for ice cream.  Along one of these roads Dianne missed a turn and got an extra hill in  along with me getting an extra mile looking for her.  Our final change was skipping the last stop as we had just stopped at the last bridge.

We generally stayed within 1/4 mile of each other and regrouped when needed. We noticed plenty of butterflies,  cut grass, and Amish out.  Our first detour made up for the later shortcuts and we still ended with 49 pleasant miles.

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