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Southern Exposure BR 35

Tue, August 20, 2019 9:00 AM | Harry Kidd

Classes:  C/CC

Ride Leader: Harry Kidd

Riders:  Ron Altemus and Joan Oppel

Ride Time:    9:00am- 12:05pm

Temperature:  Low 80 – mid 90s (with a  heat index above 100 by the end of the ride.

Joan reported that the actual temperature  dropped 6 degrees on the Champans Landing leg of the route.

Taking some diversions, and a shot excursion on the route shorted the total route to 33 miles.

We made a rest stop at the DASH IN on route 301 for water and refreshments.  

A short excursion was made the "Eutaw Estate" entrance (no access to the actual sight.).

Here is a link to the MD Historical Trust listing of the "Eutaw" estate: https://mht.maryland.gov/secure/medusa/PDF/Charles/CH-79.pdf

The property is located at the end of Captain Dement Dr., off of Bensville Road.   (NOTE: the mansion can't be seen, but there is a historical sign)

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