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8/25 Woodburn Hill, Ryceville & Bowling C 32 mi

Sun, August 25, 2019 10:30 AM | Stephen Palincsar (Administrator)

At Northern Senior Center

Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

Members: Patricia Sanders, Bernie Cohen, Alan Kurzweil, Belinda Acre, Mary Scala, Karen Morgan, Stuart Morgan, Loretta Troen, Barbara Wilson, Gilbert Dutchover and present but not accounted for, Jim McDermott.

Guests: Margie Khattab

Weather: In the 70s, breezy to windy.  Varied between clouds, sun, threatening clouds, mist, rain we just missed, and bright sun.

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30926124  32 mi, 900' of elevation.  This was intended as a relaxing, scenic ride through the Thompson Corner Amish area and included some of the most picturesque roads: Woodburn Hill, Dixie Lyon, North Ryceville and Bowling.

It was sunny when we left Northern Senior Center, but by the time we reached Woodburn Hill the sky was filled with dark, threatening clouds

Dark Clouds on Woodburn Hill

Sin Chickens

More Sin Chickens

and the pavement was wet on Woodburn Hill, Dixie Lyon and Ryceville.  It cleared up and the roads dried as we headed down Trinity Church, Budd's Creek and a couple of interesting side roads on our way to Bowling, but things took a dramatic turn on Stine's Store.

Mishaps & mechanicals

Emergency Response at Newport

We stopped at the intersection of Stine's Store and Newport Church.  Belinda had one of those everyone's had one, uncleat on the wrong side and fall over sideways incidents.

Usually they don't amount to much, but today was different.  She got dizzy, eventually going chalk white with blue lips and passed out.  At that point, we called 911.   We sent Stuart back to the start to fetch a car so as to retrieve her bike and waited while the EMTs assessed her, eventually bringing her to the hospital at La Plata. 

Gil stayed with Belinda's bike until Stuart arrived, while the rest of us went on - skipping the rest stop at Gilbert Run Park.  Loretta, Margie and Mary brought Belinda's car and bike to the hospital, while Karen worked her way down the list of Oxon Hill club officers until she was able to contact Jim and Jane, who in turn found Larry Peed to stay with her at the hospital. 

We learned afterwards that Belinda had been checked out, nothing found amiss and was released.  (And even later, learned that when Belinda went to her doctor on Wednesday, "she diagnosed a concussion.  Which probably explains all of the wobblyness.")   

AMS: 10.5, not that anyone really cared at that point.

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