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8/27 Southern Exposure - Nanjemoy Community Center - 38 mile CC

Tue, August 27, 2019 9:00 AM | Jim Hudnall (Administrator)

Leader: Jim Hudnall

Members: Patricia Saunders, Jay Lewis, Randy Schoch, Alan Kurzweil, Harry Kidd, Ron Altemus, Karen McMillan, Larry Peed

Guests: none

Route: BR 38 Nanjemoy Community Center
This route gave us an opportunity to check out part of the 56-mile Indian Head 100 route. Chicamuxen, Gilroy, Poseytown, Baptist Church, Ironsides and Mason Springs Roads.  

Weather: 66 degrees at start and 77 at finish. A few drops of rain on the windscreen on the way to the ride, then just overcast. Cool enough at start that riders were putting on jackets or arm covers. Actually, a very nice day for a bike ride.

AMS: 12 mph at the rear. 14 to 16 mph for the B riders

Mechanicals/Mishaps: none

Report: The group quickly split into the CC riders and the B riders. Ron, Harry and I stopped at three intersections to paint blue chevron road markings for the short-cut for the 56-mile route. Last year, a few cyclists wanting to do the 56- or 70-mile route mistakenly turned right onto MD-6 and followed the yellow arrow marks for the 100-mile route. Randy motored on ahead and when we saw him returning on Baptist Church Road from the rest stop at the Nanjemoy Community Center, he told us that everyone had left the rest stop. The three of us enjoyed the rest stop and talked to a couple of people there who said cyclists are welcome and that most residents of Nanjemoy don't mind seeing cyclists on the roads of Nanjemoy. 

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