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9/3 Southern Exposure: IH100 day after CC/C touring 30 mi

Tue, September 03, 2019 10:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

Leader:  Ron Altemus

Members:  Jay Lewis, Randy Schoch, Steve Forman, Jim Hudnall, Karen McMillan, Steve Palincsar, Sharon Miller, Donaro Gardner

Route:   https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16355330  30.2 miles, 712' elevation gain.  Outbound down Bumpy Oak and the IHRT to a rest stop at White Plains.  Continuing via Marshall Corner and Hawthorne to a second rest stop at Ollies.  Final leg with a hair-raising descent down mighty Mount Pisgah then Lower Wharf and Chapman's Landing back to the start.

Weather:  very nice with temps ranging from the low 70s to low 80s under sunny skies, little humidity, and occasional slight breezes.

AMS:  swept a skosh under 12

Mechanicals/Mishaps:  none

Report:   The fourth year of this post-IH100 spin, a short and non-hilly route for those who volunteered at the event or otherwise didn't ride.  It was hoped that some non-regular CC or C riders might join us and we did have some takers.  Unfortunately, in posting the ride, I left out (& friends) in the ride class heading so we didn't have an killer Bees joining us.  All in all, a good ride.  

Of interest - as we were getting ready to depart from White Plains, a number of cars w/bikes started pulling into the parking lot and most of them had Ohio tags.  Jim, Donaro, and your faithful correspondent talked with them - it was their annual (or bi-annual, not sure which) family reunion where they meet someplace and then bicycled all of the local trails.  Yesterday they did the Anacostia, tomorrow the Mt Vernon, today our beloved Indian Head Rail Trail.   (Jim posted a picture on the Club's Facebook page.)

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