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Friday IHRT - All class - 20+ Miles

Fri, September 20, 2019 10:00 AM | Randy Schoch (Administrator)

Leader - Randy Schoch

Members - Jan Tucker, Kirk Fedder, Diane Harris, John Riconda, Larry Peed, Esther Steward, Stephen Green, Robin Garnett, Jim & Jane Hudnall, and Ron Altemus.

Guests - None

Route - IHRT

Weather - Clear and 70's (Couldn't be better)

AMS - Various according to the riders

Mechanicals/Mishaps - None

Report - A good turnout of riders for this beautiful day (one of the best days of the year). We had a quick and easy ride to the White Plains rest stop with out much wild life (Ron said he saw a snake, turtle, and mole on the upper trail near Indian Head). I saw 2 deer on the trail near the rest stop and two young deer (still had spots) near the swamp section where the bamboo is growing. Stephen was riding his beautiful classic custom made steel red Medici (sp?).  Jackie is in Solomon's Island this weekend doing a stained glass and craft show at Anne Marie's Garden. After our rest stop, Jim positioned us under the IHRT Arch for a photo opt.. It was a quick ride back to our vehicles. We went our separate was for lunch. We can only hope that next week's weather is as nice as today.

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