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9/24 Southern Exposure: Goose Bay & Beyond!

Tue, September 24, 2019 10:00 AM | Ron Altemus (Administrator)

Leader:  Ron Altemus

Members:  Steve Palincsar, Joan Oppel, Pat Walthers; and signing in but riding ahead, Jan Tucker and Karen McMillan.

Route:   BR 44 Goose Bay & Beyond  Advertised as Pomfret, Marshall Corner, Rose Hill, MD-6, and Blossom Point to Goose Bay.  Onwards with a left on Blossom Point to Windmill Point (which would include some an off road segment), then retracing back to Mill Swamp, Fire Tower, Annapolis Woods, Poorhouse, Mason Springs, and Livingston back to our start.  Modified by the CC Core Contingent as we ventured down Blossom Point/Windmill Point prior to our rest stop at Goose Bay.

Weather:  pretty darn nice.  Temps ranging from the low 70s to the upper 70s, plenty of sunshine, low humidity, and an occasional noticeable NW wind.

AMS:  swept at just about 11 mph, including 2.5 miles on gravel, dirt, and grass.

Mechanicals/Mishaps:  Joan tumbled in the grass segment and sustained a small cut, either from hitting her bike or landing on a sharp grass stalk.

Report:  the first full day of Fall and as always, a trip to everybody's favorite, Goose Bay, was in order.  But today's ride was planned to go beyond - farther down Cedar Point to explore both Blossom Point Rd and Windmill Point Rd.  In traversing the former, we reached the "civilian" end a short bit after Windmill Point Rd.  We encountered a gate, passage beyond only to "Authorized Personnel" and not much else in way of explanation.  Google Maps indicates a Naval Research Lab encompassing the rest of Blossom Point.  While at the gate, the faster groups showed up.  Turning around, the CCers went down Windmill Point; the others skipped this portion.  The state of Maryland Cedar Point Wildlife Management Area comprises all of the land on the point.   After a mile or so, Windmill Point Rd went to gravel, then a gate, and after the gate double track flanked by cornfields.  On that stretch, we came upon Jim and Donaro fixing a flat.  Onwards, Steve and Pat turning around when the double track ended, while Joan and your faithful correspondent continued on the grass.  Probably a 1/4 mile on, we reached the end and were rewarded with a great view down the Potomac to the US-301 bridge and Morgantown power plant.  

Rides to Goose Bay are always enjoyable; going beyond made for a most delightful day of bicycling. 


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