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9/24 Southern Exposure: Goose Bay and Beyond - B 44 miles

Tue, September 24, 2019 10:00 AM | Jim Hudnall (Administrator)

Leader: Jim Hudnall

Members: Theresa Rowell, Bob Howell, David Mann, Andy Schuller, Jay Lewis, Barb Haney, Tom Short, Kirk Saunders, Donaro Gardner, Sam Perry, Karen McMillan (signed in with CC/C and B) and Jan Tucker (signed in with C/CC but ended up riding with the Bs.)

Guests: none

Route:  BR 44 Goose Bay and Beyond 
44.1 miles with 1,320 feet climbing. Rest stops at Goose Bay Marina and Pisgah Store.

Weather: The first day of fall, with temperature in the 70's. A nice day for a bike ride, except for a bit of wind, which too often seemed like a headwind.

AMS: The leader had 13.8 mph AMS, lower than most of the other because they did not do the mile or two of unpaved Windmill Point Road. Most were in the 14 to 16 mph range for a B ride. Several were over 16.

Mechanicals/Mishaps:  The ride leader had a flat on Windmill Point Road, about 0.6 miles after the road became unpaved.

Report:  It was a good group to ride with. The group stayed together until the stronger riders moved ahead on the climb up Pomfret Road. The red light at Hawthorne Road resulted in regrouping. The climb up MD-6 after Rose Hill resulted in the group splitting into smaller groups. Everyone enjoyed a leisurely rest stop on the Goose Bay Marina store's porch.

Don and I didn't get started with the others and ended up riding by ourselves. We hoped to catch the others when they were returning from the end of Blossom Point Road or Windmill Point Road, but I did not look close enough at the cue sheet. It called for us to go to the end of Blossom Point Road and on the return to take a right on Windmill Point Road. We made a left onto Windmill Point Road and never made it to the end of Blossom Point Road. Windmill Point Road is a lovely, paved road for a mile before becoming unpaved for 1.3 miles to its end at the beach. We had made it halfway to the end on dirt, gravel and grass, when I realized I had a flat, shortly after we had passed Steve and Pat. While we were replacing the tube, Ron and Joan came upon us and offered to help. The four C/CC riders must have saved the Goose Bay stop for after they explored the "beyond."  The B riders skipped Windmill Point Road and were long gone. Don and I enjoyed the ride back, with a stop for coffee and conversation in Pisgah.

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