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10/15 - Southern Exposure - Goose Bay - B 35 miles

Tue, October 15, 2019 10:00 AM | Jim Hudnall (Administrator)

Leader:  Jim Hudnall ( I was not really the ride leader. The five B's were without a leader, and I volunteered to do the ride report.) Not having a leader, the group decided to follow the A group to Goose Bay,

Members: Larry Peed, Alan Kurzweil, Donaro and Jay Lewis. Jay signed in with Steve's CC group, but followed the other B riders out of the shopping center and stayed with the group. Jackie and Randy Schoch started from the Livingston Road trail parking lot and arrived at Goose Bay before most of the B group had left the rest stop.

Guests:  none

Route: BR 35 Goose Bay (https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18127625
Alan left the rest stop two variations of the route after Goose Bay. We took Firetower Road from Welcome to Annapolis Woods Road, and we stopped at the Pisgah Store instead of doing the Stuckey Lane/ Stuckey Road zig-zag.

Weather:  It could not have been better - a lovely fall day.

AMS: 14-15 mph for the B riders

Mechanicals/Mishaps: none

Report:  The B riders followed the A riders, some closer to the A's than others, until the elevation started increasing on Bumpy Oak Road. Then, we did not see the A riders until Goose Bay.  The porch of the marina store had been taken over by non-cycling smokers, so we joined the A's sitting on a pier, enjoying the sunny weather.

Alan left the rest stop shortly after the A's, but the rest of the B group extended their stay at the rest stop when we saw Jackie and Randy approaching. We had a short visit with them and told them we would wait for them at the Pisgah Store. There we all chatted about the weather, Florida, trike bikes, class reunions and the Washington Nationals. 

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