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10/19 Bushwood, Yellow Bank & St Clements Bay

Sat, October 19, 2019 10:15 AM | Stephen Palincsar (Administrator)

My group, Bob Howell and John Gorman at Chaptico Store

Ride leader: Steve Palincsar

Members: Patricia Sanders, Barbara Wilson, Fred Robbins, Gerard Iaconzze, Pat Walthers, Walt Roscello

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31313629  47 miles, 1018' elevation gain.  Starting from John Baggett Park, we rode down to Chaptico on Baptist Church, where Walt Roscello joined us; moments later Bob Howell and John Gorman rode up.  After a photo op wetook Hurry and Bushwood down to Quade's Wharf.   So much, fairly standard, lovely roads we ride often.  But after the stop at Quade's, standard went out the window as we went down MD-520, a Highway to Nowhere.

Land's End at MD-520

Backtracking on 520, we turned down Oscar Hayden, which Google Maps is convinced connects with Dennis Rd and Paul Ellis Rd, going all the way down to Paul Ellis Landing and Avenue, MD.  Ground truth, however, is that Oscar Hayden ends at a farm a few hundred feet past the intersection with Monfort Rd.  We continued on Monfort down to Whites Neck Creek.

Whites Neck Creek at Monfort Road

Having seen the sights (and they're quite lovely, well worth the journey) we continued on to a rest stop at Murphy's Store in Avenue, then headed up Oakley and turned down Cobrum's Wharf, turning on Maycroft Rd and taking it down to Ellis Road on the shores of St Clements Bay.  Returning to Oakley, we quickly turned on Sugar Hole, taking it to Colton Point Rd.  We followed Colton Point Rd north to Sunnyside, taking it to Pin Cushion (no Mennonite buggies today, unlike the last time we were on Pin Cushion on a Sunday afternoon), Loveville, Kavanaugh and Laurel Grove back to the Three Notch Trail and Baggett Park.

Weather: Sunny, breezy-to-windy, 53 at the start rising to 65.  A lovely day, as Bob Howell described it.

Mishaps and mechanicals: none

AMS: 11.5

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