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10/26 History and Farmland B 43

Sat, October 26, 2019 10:00 AM | Walt Roscello (Administrator)

Leader: Walt Roscello

Members: We had 10 people between the two classes, and picked up Jay Lewis and George Chiamalura for most of the ride.  Karen McMillan, Liam Healy, Jane and Jim Hudnall, Patricia Sanders, Janell Saunders, and one other (didn't sign in) rode with the B's.

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31363700 which Steve created at my request, to ride some nice roads, go by the museum, and return on Chapel Point

Weather: 60 to 70 degrees with strong overcast.  A few sprinkles at the start ("heavy dew") but I was confident they wouldn't develop into anything.

AMS: 14.1 but I'm not sure my phone paused at all the rest stops

Mechanicals/Mishaps: none

Report: It turned out to be a good day for a ride, and the favorable weather days are going to get rarer, so I'm glad we took this trip.  

We stayed fairly close together and enjoyed some nice roads to the first rest stop at Gilbert Run: Glen Albin (newly paved), Cooksey, Penn's Hill, and Bowling northbound.  After a rest and enjoying the lake, kayakers, and forest scenery, it was time to climb Rt. 6 and DuBois roads.  We descended Old Sycamore (though it's better as a calm climb, given the road surface) then made our way to Allen's Fresh, where we got our unplanned surprise of the day: about 10 acres of fields and brush south of the road were on fire!  The fire department had arrived and didn't seem too concerned - I think they expected the road to serve as a barrier.  But, we did have a fair amount of smoke to traverse for about 150 feet.  After the climb up Budds Creek Rd we arrived at the Veterans Museum, which as Steve says has an impressive collection of both artifacts and models, given that it is an all-volunteer effort.  Many of the riders stated they were glad that we made a route to visit this museum.  The rest of the route was a stint on the shoulder of US 301 for 1.5 miles, then the quiet of S Faulkner Rd, and Chapel Point Rd was scenic as always.  We climbed back to La Plata, and some sought goods at the farmers market which was still going, albeit in the closing phase.

Most of the roads seemed quiet today, and we had multiple scenic spots: the lake at Gilbert Run, the end of Zekiah swamp from Allens Fresh Rd and Rt. 234 bridge, and the view from the top of Chapel Point hill, along with all the quiet fields along the way.  This was a good example of why we ride, and the waning season made it all the more appreciated.

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