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11/2 Jim's Birthday Ride to Morris Point - B/CC 48.47 mi (78 km)

Sat, November 02, 2019 10:00 AM | Jane Hudnall (Administrator)
Leader: Jim and Jane Hudnall

Members: Tom Short, Monica Irmler, Joan Oppel, Bob Howell, Alan Kurzweil, Linda Bankerd, Sherwood Byers and Karen McMillian. Jay Lewis signed in, started in Chaptico and met us at the restaurant. Ken Meredith stopped by, but couldn't stay because of work. 
Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31385724
From Mechanicsville Elementary School we took the trail over to Laurel  Grove Park then back to Laurel Grove Road and south on Kavanagh, MD-247, MD-5, Pin Cushion and Sunnyside, MD-242 to a rest stop at Seventh District Park where we met Steve's group. Next, we took Sugar Hole, Cobrums Wharf, Maycroft and Ellis to a scenic view of St. Clements Bay. We retraced the route and then took MD-470, Abell and Morris Point Road for lunch. Heading out we rode to Bushwood Wharf, then took Hurry, MD-234 and Mechanicsville back to the trail and to the finish. 

Weather: Spectacular!  Bright blue skies, lots of sunshine and cool fall weather. A chilly 42 at the start and a warm 55 at the finish.

AMS: 14.2 

Mechanicals/Mishaps: none


 A wonderful way to celebrate your birthday is to ride your age with friends. This can be done in miles or kilometers depending of your age and the distance you wish to ride. Jim choose kilometers and thus a 78 kilometers/48.46 miles ride. Steve Palinscar decided to do a bit shorter distance and devised a route that would start at a different location, let the two groups meet at a rest stop and then again for lunch at the Morris Point Restaurant on Brenton Bay. St. Mary's County is beautiful anytime of year but especially nice in the fall when most of the fields have been harvested, the trees are showing the last of the bright autumn colors and the water views are glorious. Our group rode together until the first rest stop. Bob headed home and the others on to Morris Point,  where Tom (who had just returned from Kenya) and Karen continued on. The rest of us enjoyed delicious sandwiches at the Morris Point Restaurant and then returned to the start by way of Bushwood Wharf and Mechanicsville Road. 

Thanks everyone who came and made this a memorable birthday! Special thanks to Steve, who suggested the ride, helped with planning and led the C/CC group.

Video:  https://www.facebook.com/ohbike/posts/3040566302626012

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