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Friday IHRT - All class - 20+ Miles

Fri, November 01, 2019 10:00 AM | Randy Schoch (Administrator)

Leaders - Jackie and Randy Schoch

Members - Donaro Gardner, Vicki Garlock, Esther Steward, Ron Altemus, Celeste Conyers, Jim & Jane Hudnall.

Guests - None

Route - IHRT

Weather - Very cold and windy (low 40's)

AMS - Varied per rider

Mechanicals/Mishaps - None on the ride - see Report

Report - We had more riders than I expected because of the cold and windy conditions. We started the ride as a group but soon split up according to each persons riding comfort. We spotted eagles at the Bumpy Oak Pond. Because of the cold wind, Jackie and I turned around at the Jim & Jane/Calvin benches. As the rest of the group returned to the parking lot after the ride, Esther opened and closed her car door causing the rear window to shatter. They went to a garage in Indian Head and was given a large piece of clear plastic tape to put over the shattered glass in order to keep the rest in place. Geico told Esther to drive it home and they would send a glass repair and replace mechanic to fix her vehicle.

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