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Laurel Grove to Chaptico and Avenue

Mon, November 11, 2019 11:00 AM | Deborah Bowman (Administrator)

Leaders: Sue Gunter and Debby Bowman

Members: Steve Palincsar, Karen McMillan, Linda Bankerd, Jim Hudnall, Jane Hudnall, Fred Robbins, Larry Peed

Guests: Ray Hasting

Bonus member sighting: Dan and Diana Donahue were at Laurel Grove Park getting ready to begin a trail ride as we finished.

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31435939 - 39 miles from Laurel Grove Park. We began by meandering our way to a stop at Chaptico Market, looping down Laurel Grove Rd and up Morganza Turner, then taking the trail and riding down Baptist Church the opposite of the usual way. After the first break we continued south on Hurry, Bushwood and Bushwood Wharf to a second official stop at Murphy's Store. For our final stint we took Oakley and Sugar Hole and a long stretch on Colton Point Rd, then worked our way along Sunnyside and Pin Cushion to Loveville, Kavanagh and back to Laurel Grove.

Weather: A beautiful fall day, with sunshine and temps in the 60s.

Mishaps and mechanicals: None

Average speed: a hair under 12 mph at the back, faster for most riders.

We enjoyed a great ride, taking advantage of the warmer weather and (for some) a day off from work to get out and pedal. We started late, as several of us were were delayed by traffic on Route 5 on the way to the ride due to car crash just south of Cedarville Rd. Once we began we split up into faster and slower, with Sue leading most of the riders at the front and Steve and I carrying the lanterne rouge. Somewhere after leaving the park, Ray joined the faster group and stayed with us for most of the ride. We all met up at Chaptico Park for some socializing, then split up again on Hurry Rd. Most of the lead group took a detour to the wharf for a scenery stop, enabling us all to reach Murphy's Store at about the same time. We split again as we rode back to Laurel Grove Park. Many riders had left by the time Steve and I arrived there, but several were still in the parking lot, and it was nice to see Diana and Dan getting ready to go out and enjoy the weather.

Thanks to Sue for helping to lead, and thanks to everyone who came out to join us!!


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