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Waysons Corner in Winter: Deale, Jewell and the Pindells

Sun, December 08, 2019 11:00 AM | Deborah Bowman (Administrator)

Leader: Debby Bowman

Members: Steve Palincsar, Ken Meredith, Roscoe Williamson, Jay Lewis, Fred Robbins, Patricia Sanders, Sarah Clement

Guests: none

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/6488899 - 33 miles, ~1500 feet of climbing as cued. The plan was to ride up to Harwood via Sands, Bayard and Polling House, then down to Deale via Owensville-Sudley/Sudley, Swamp Circle and Bay Front, with a stop at High's in Deale. From there the cued route took Rockhold Creek to Deale Rd, went south on Franklin Gibson, then returned to the park and ride on Fairhaven/Jewell, McKendree, Bay Front, Fishers Station, crossing Rt 4 to Lower Pindell, Pindell, Plummer and the Rt 4 service road.

Weather: Not bad for December. Temps in the 40s with sunshine despite a forecast of a cloudy afternoon. There was a bit of a breeze at times from the southeast.

Mishaps and mechanicals:  The ride listing on the schedule mysteriously disappeared and had to be re-entered. Also the ride leader initially forgot to include Steve in this report. Sorry about that!

We had a  nice ride today. The first half of the ride was uneventful. We were somewhat spread out on the road but not too far apart from each other. But things changed after the rest stop. Fred left High's before the rest of the group in order to stay warm, and was the only member of the group to ride the route that was originally planned. The rest of us decided to avoid the big hill on Franklin Gibson, so we took Bay Front all the way to Route 2, then turned left to parallel F-G. To get away from the traffic noise, we took the Old Solomons Rd horseshoe to our right, and planned to turn left onto the continuation of Old Solomons Rd on the other side of Rt 2. However after Steve and Ken successfully made the left turn, the rest of us looked at the the long line of traffic coming from both directions and decided to continue on Rt 2. We waited at the intersection with Jewell Rd for Ken and Steve to join us, then rode up Jewell to McKendree and Bay Front.  From the back of the group, Steve and I saw Patricia and Jay turn left onto Fishers Station, but Sarah, Ken and Roscoe did not make the turn. We tried calling out after them and waving our arms but they did not hear us or see us in their mirrors. So Steve and I decided to stay on Bay Front too. Unfortunately the trio ahead were too far in front for us to see if they followed a short cut on the cut sheet and turned right on Southern Maryland Blvd or if they stayed on Bay Front to Wrighton Rd. We decided to do the latter, finishing the ride on Wrighton, Plummer and the service road. Arriving at the park and ride, we saw that all except Patricia and Fred had returned. We learned that Jay had found his way back to the start without crossing Route 4 while Patricia had crossed to the Pindells to finish on the planned route. A few minutes later Patricia and Fred arrived. At the end of the day, our total ride distances varied from 30-33.5 miles, but we all agreed we had enjoyed the ride on a good winter route. 

Thanks to everyone for joining me today!

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