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Sunday & a Sunny Ride to Galesville

Sun, December 22, 2019 6:15 PM | Joan Oppel (Administrator)

Ride Leader:  Joan Oppel 

Ride Distance: 37 miles   https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31622998

Weather: Bright sun, about 32 degrees but warmed up very quickly and was in mid 40's by noon or before

Member Riders:  Alan Kurzweil, Steve Palincsar, Fred Robbins, Patricia Sanders, Pat Walthers

Ride Report: A sunny beautiful day for a ride - not too much traffic and the West River at Galesville was deep blue, placid and picturesque. We stopped to appreciate the 1929 Rosenwald School in Galesville (now the town Community Center. See below for the history.

Scenery also included lots of horse farms and horses, and one pileated woodpecker and a red shouldered hawk on a telephone wire with feathers gleaming in the sun. 

Here's a bit of history for the Rosenwald Schools - 

Julius Rosenwald was part owner of Sears and In 1912, in reaction to the substandard conditions of black rural schools in the Jim Crow South, Booker T. Washington enlisted his friend Rosenwald’s support in building six new schools for black children in Alabama. Rosenwald was so impressed with the results that he proposed enlarging the program.

The Rosenwald rural school building program was a major effort to improve the quality of public education for African Americans in the early twentieth-century South. His charity committed large sums of money for the construction of schools,  in poor, rural and primarily African American school districts in 15 Southern states. These schools were cooperatively built with assistance from the local African American communities. Donations of land and labor by the local community were matched by financial contributions from the Rosenwald Fund. At the program's conclusion in 1932, it had produced 4,977 new schools, 217 teachers' homes, and 163 shop buildings, constructed at a total cost of $28,408,520 to serve 663,615 students in 883 counties of 15 states.

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