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Patuxent Surprise

Sat, January 25, 2020 10:00 AM | Diane Harris (Administrator)

Leader:  Diane Harris 

Members:  Tom Fedewa, Darrell Meyer, Donaro Gardner

Guests:  None

Route:  Patuxent Surprise 

Weather:  Cool temperatures at the start, high 40s, overcast,  roads very wet from overnight and early morning rain.  Rain during the last 4-5 miles of the ride. 

AMS:  lower than advertised at 13.2 mph

Mechanicals/Mishaps:  None

Report:  I made the decision to do the ride expecting the rain to stop (which it had) but with roads that were still very wet, and mild temps for January.  Wasn't sure if there would be any other riders so was pleasantly surprised to have Tom, Darrell, and Donaro join me.  For the first part of the ride we stayed together until I stopped for photos of an old barn that had a group of wild turkeys walking in front of it.  Tom got ahead of us, then Darrell, leaving me and Donaro to catch up to them at the first rest stop.  I delayed getting to the rest stop to get photos of an old one room schoolhouse, located where Tanyard and Nottingham Roads meet.  All the years I've ridden these roads and never noticed the schoolhouse.  By the time we reached the Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary, Tom was on his way out, leaving me, Darrell, and Donaro to eat snacks and use the restroom.  At the Patuxent River Park, all of us took the stairs to the top of the observation tower to view the surrounding area from high up.  After a second restroom break we continued on with Darrell and Tom leading the charge while Donaro and I brought up the rear.  During the rid, there were very brief peeks of sun but Donaro and I spent the last few miles riding in a steady rain.  Fortunately, no mechanicals or mishaps occurred during the ride. 


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